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Unearth a world of possibilities through a virtual reality experience in London

The edge of your imagination

In today's world of hum-drum monotony, many people across the city are continually looking for an escape. Whilst the idea of traversing different galaxies and fighting alien invaders may seem like an attractive yet unavailable answer to this monotony, it is, in fact, perfectly achievable - right in the centre of the city. By visiting us here at Navrtar for a virtual reality experience in London, visitors can escape the city and delve into a completely new and interactive world through an immersive digital experience.

What can I expect at a virtual reality experience in London?

Here at Navrtar, we value the safety of our customers as the highest priority, and as such have implemented more stringent methods to ensure our customers’ safety - such as providing face masks, hand sanitiser, VR hygiene masks and gloves to each of our customers. We are also continuing to implement social distancing rules for our customers’ peace of mind. For anyone who is looking for a fun, safe and completely out-of-this-world adventure, then simply book an appointment at our centre here at Navrtar to begin your virtual reality experience in London. At Navrtar in Ealing we are the UK’s first free roaming VR experience and bar, which sets us apart from other experience centres, as our customers have the opportunity to both immerse themselves within a digitally generated, three dimensional world as well as have a drink and socialise at our bar with similar, like minded people.

What games and experiences can I look forward to?

Customers who decided they would like to visit us here at Navrtar VR will, after they have arrived at our centre and settled in, initially undergo an introductory VR demo. This is an important part of the whole VR experience, as it lets our customers become slightly familiarised with the sensation of exercising in a digital world within a three dimensional environment which - if rushed into head-on - can sometimes cause a slight degree of disorientation. This VR demo also lets us demonstrate the scale in which VR technology can create new, interactive worlds through innovative design engineering. After this 30 minute introductory VR demo has been completed, our customers are now typically acclimatised to the virtual reality experience and are excited about getting a chance to play one of our various games. These include ‘Alien Defence’ during which a team of players all must defend a space centre from hordes of alien invaders. Another popular game which we offer here at Navrtar virtual reality is ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ which (as you may have guessed) involves players working together to fight off an onslaught of undead invaders. For players who desire something more strategically focused, rather than simply blasting enemies away, we also now offer the chance to play ‘The Heist’, in which you must play as a police detective who is attempting to outwit a team of bank robbers. Whatever the scenario, anyone in London who is looking to temporarily escape from the mundanities of daily life ought to contact our centre here at Navrtar for their virtual reality experience and open up to a whole new world of possibilities.

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