Enter into the new age, through a virtual reality experience in London

Escape to a world of new possibilities

Here at Navrtar in Ealing, we understand the pressure that many people across the city are currently under. Thankfully however, due to the wonders of modern technology, we can now offer visitors and residents of the nation's capital a temporary escape into a world of digital bliss and opportunities, through a virtual reality experience in London. We understand the increased amount of security measures that our customers expect in today's climate, and have acted accordingly by introducing new safety guidelines, equipping our customers with PPE such as facemasks, gloves and hand sanitiser to ensure their peace of mind. Anyone in the city who wishes to escape from the mundanities of everyday life and do something truly new and different ought to arrange a virtual reality experience in London at Navrtar in Ealing whenever they next can.

What can I expect from my virtual reality experience in London?

As mentioned, here at Navrtar the virtual reality centre, we pride ourselves on putting the safety and comfort of every one of our customers at the heart of all we do. As such, every virtual reality experience starts with a thirty minute introductory demonstration of the magnitude of VR. This is an important part of each experience with regard to ensuring our customers' comfort, as if they are not properly adjusted to a three-dimensional digital environment - in which players can view and interact with surroundings in a 360° setting - then the experience can be somewhat daunting. This is why we insist on a 30 minute introductory demonstration of what VR actually means and what experiencing it will be like. After this, players are then given an option of various different experiences or games which they can play, and given another 30 minutes of game play.

What games are there?

As our virtual reality experiences have grown to become a popular outing for teams and parties - as well as team building exercises for workplaces - we have developed a selection of games and scenarios in which players must work together to win a common goal. One of the most popular of these experiences is ‘Alien Defence’ during which players adopt the role of space troopers who must defend their base from waves of alien attackers by working together. Another, similar team-based game which we offer is ‘Zombie Apocalypse’ in which groups of players must band together and defend humanity from the undead. For players who prefer to game alone, we also offer games such as ‘The Heist’ which is more strategically oriented, as players are transported into a live heist situation during which they must play as a detective who is attempting to foil the plot of a band of robbers by solving various interactive puzzles and combat experiences. One of the main aspects of the service we offer here at the Navrtar virtual reality centre which sets us apart from other VR providers is that we also have a fully licensed bar, which our visitors often use as a social hub to meet like minded people who all share in a mutual enjoyment of the virtual world.