Team-building with a virtual reality experience in London

Does going on a wild obstacle course in the mud sound completely unappealing to your staff? But you feel that they need a sense of fun and adventure to strengthen the bonds of the team and help create a good and trusting work environment? Then you need to visit Navrtar and take them on a virtual reality experience in London that they will never forget, because saving the world from an alien invasion together is more memorable than climbing a cargo net.

The importance of team building

Boosting performance

Team-building exercises help people to understand each other better, and when they understand each other better they work together more seamlessly, allowing workplace projects to improve. This understanding that is garnered through team-building exercises encourages everyone to give their best and teaches each person about the other’s strengths, thus making future progress, which is so vital to your company, an attainable goal.


It has been shown that competition increases productivity. Breaking your staff into teams to compete against one another for bragging rights is a fun activity that bonds people together, a team focused on a common goal (like being the best team to fight off the aliens) creates a camaraderie that will flow organically from the Navrtar arena back into the office.


Celebrating and having fun after an event, especially a competition, motivates people to want to improve and win more. By fostering the competition you create in team-building back in the office, you will motivate your staff more than a stirring boardroom speech.

Collaboration and communication

When people are working with others that they are comfortable with, they tend to have a freer imagination and are more likely to express ideas than those who have not had a chance to bond. Incorporating a fun element like the virtual reality experience in London as a team-building exercise will help people feel more comfortable around their colleagues, thus creating a better platform for communication.


This experience isn’t just virtual reality and then home. Navrtar is a bar that comes fully set up for socialising and getting to know one another, while being able to watch other teams play. A fully immersive and interactive experience for all involved means that no one is left out and the chance for team bonding is available on two levels; gaming and socialising.

What Navrtar has to offer

The virtual reality experience in London offers a unique arena where 5 individuals can work together in a real space, while navigating a virtual world which is set up to foster team spirit; with the Alien Defence program, teams will work as marines scouring crash sites to gather information and fight aliens to protect humanity. While teams play the game, the rest of your staff have a chance to relax in our bar and watch the live performance of their colleagues on the screens provided.

This experience does not require anyone to be athletically inclined, thus it is inclusive to your entire team of staff, ensuring a fun and safe way to go on an adventure together, without the risks of injury or potential embarrassment.