The virtual reality experience in London marks the future for nights out

The year is 2020 and hanging out at the local virtual reality bar with some friends is soon to be the norm. This virtual gaming experience is the new way to have fun with friends, meet new interesting people, and hang out.

Welcome to the virtual reality experience in London, where one can conquer their fears, survive a zombie apocalypse, and lead a resistance against an alien invasion. There are games for both groups and individuals, of all levels. This unique opportunity allows you to experience something new. No longer just a science fiction dream, you can experience the 'real' thing at the first bar and free-roaming virtual reality experience in London.

Experiences we are offering

There are several experiences you can enjoy for different occasions. Are you thinking of a group bonding session that will test your team's co-operation and problem-solving skills, or just a fun birthday? Then check out our real-life group VR experience which holds 20 - 55 players, has unlimited time in the demo area, an exciting tournament, drinks and food packages, and, most importantly, an unforgettable experience.

Smaller groups of 5 can make the difficult choice between fending off zombies or aliens. Kitted out with a gun, backpack, and VR glasses, you and your team can put your survival skills to the test, from easy to hard difficulty settings.

Plenty of our players are also soloists, usually, looking to extend their gaming expertise from just sitting on the couch to the fully immersive virtual gaming experience.

Not sure you will be able to handle the full hour? No problem, kick back with some drinks and snacks and watch your friends and colleagues battle it out in the viewing area.

What to expect

Once you arrive with your group, we will check you in going over the general rules and guidelines. This will take about 15 minutes. Once we get all the instructions out of the way, we can then begin our virtual demo!

As previously stated, the demo experience is 30 minutes long and is for the group to get acquainted with their new virtual world. Our own Navrtar will lead this hands-on practice area. Think of them as our Morpheus to your Neo.

Our three evoking games are a great start to gradually immerse yourself in the virtual world. They are called See, Score, and Scare. After completing this, it is time to buckle your seatbelts, 'plug-in', and get ready for 30 minutes of heart-racing adventure. The main event is either our critically acclaimed Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Defence. In both games, you will need wit, reflex, and teamwork to survive. Lastly, you and your group can compare scores while taking a well-deserved break at the bar. If your team is good enough, you may even make it onto our leaderboard.

Try a different reality for a change. We are open seven days a week from 14.00 - 22.00 Monday to Saturday, and 12.00 - 20.00 Sunday. Enjoy the future today with the virtual reality experience in London.