A real virtual reality experience in London

Our virtual reality experience in London is the creation of an artificial environment by computer-generated software, designed to focus on absolute entertainment for the players. We have come a long way from the first virtual reality headset made in the late 1960s. The crude first attempts of virtual reality have been improved upon over the last five decades, laying the foundations for the high adrenaline Zombie Apocalypse and tactical defending alien invasion games we offer.

Who is the virtual reality experience in London for?

Virtually everyone!

Our establishment is the first free-roaming virtual reality bar in London. The virtual reality experience is for anyone who is looking for something new to try in the 21st century. This unique experience offers a good time to all, no matter the gaming experience. There are a variety of games to try besides our two main events of various levels of difficulty.

This new social activity is great for small and large groups. Groups over twenty are in for an unforgettable experience, with unlimited access to the demo area and an exciting tournament. There is also a drinks package with food options.

Soloists are also more than welcome. Whether it is the experienced gamer searching for deeper immersion with challenging games or the new player with zero prior gaming experience, who are just looking to escape the banalities of life, the virtual experience in London has something to offer. One need only step into our private booth to gain access to a host of games from our library.

What to expect

So you have booked your date, organised your friends, and are ready to go. What's next? When you arrive on site, one of our trusted and knowledgeable staff will check you in. Here we will inform you of the rules and regulations, explain that this is quite an intense experience and why we limit an hour of time spent in the artificial world.

Following your check in, we enter the demo area, after all, we need to learn to walk before we can run. The demo is guided by our professional and friendly staff to get you comfortable with the environment before we move to the main event. The demo provides three exercises to get familiar with the movements in the 'world'. They are based on sight, scoring, and thrill.

Once completed, and you are comfortable to go on, we can head to the main event. Here we get you locked and loaded, kitted out with the VR headset, gun, and backpack. Depending on your choices you will have either chosen to fight off hordes of zombies in our heart racing aptly named Apocalypse game. Or you will have chosen Alien Defence, where you and your comrades will have to defend Earth from an alien invasion.

Thirty adrenaline fuelled minutes later, your group will get to review your scores. If good enough, you may even make it to the top of our leaderboard. Then all that is left is to sit back, relax, and enjoy a drink at the bar, maybe even swapping war stories from the day with the other groups.

Escape the banalities that life throws at you and join us in making real connections in the new social life of the virtual reality experience in London.