one world, different realities

The demo experience is included in Apocalypse & Alien Defence.


Within your 60 minute experience will be a 30 minute taste of what virtual reality is, getting you familiar with the concept, led by your own Navrtar.

The idea of this is to familiarise you and your team on the next generation of entertainment…giving you a glimpse of what’s to follow!


During the Apocalypse, work together to survive the waves as your team is forced to face the oncoming hordes of zombies.

A cocktail of entertainment and heart-racing action, these relentless zombies will stop for no one!

Who will be the last team standing?

Difficulty : Easy - Hard

let's go!

Alien Defence

It's aliens vs humans

You and your fellow marines embark on a mission to protect your world from an alien invasion. Scour crash sites, search and secure intel needed to prevent this takeover.

Judgement day is here!

Difficulty : Medium

let's go!

The Heist

You are the police, live at a bank robbery making your way to the top. Equipped with guns, scanners & torches, you must solve, survive & save in Navrtar's latest free-roam experience. An escape room requiring more problem solving than action. Minimum 3 players.

Difficulty : Hard

PLEASE NOTE: As we can not guarantee social distancing measures, this game is currently unavailable