Virtual reality experience in London: a bar with a difference

Are you and your friends looking for something new? An experience that involves the fun familiarity of going out for some drinks - but with a little twist, like say, killing zombies? Then Navrtar is the place you need to try for an authentic virtual reality experience in London where you can take guys' night out, or girls' night, to a whole new level.

Modern virtual reality

Virtual reality (VR) today goes beyond simply seeing a three-dimensional space on a screen and believing that it's real. It involves a level of interaction that was previously unobtainable, as technology hadn't yet caught up to our imaginations. But now with ultra-real gaming being a common occurrence in our homes, the next logical level is to put those games in a VR space to make you feel like you are really taking part in the experience, rather than just controlling a character on a screen. The character is you, you experience everything yourself with believable sounds, sights, and atmospheres you are able to submerge your mind into a reality that is completely different.

As well as being able to move around in a 3D computer-generated world, your tactile senses can be stimulated as a gun, that links to the operating system of your headset, is placed in your hands, allowing you to shoot at enemies and protect your allies in an impossible world of make-believe, taking gaming to new heights.

A unique experience

The virtual reality experience in London offers a unique space in which you and four other friends can interact together. We call it the arena and, while a wireless headset is placed over your eyes and a toy gun placed in your hands, you are completely free to move around the interactive space with your friends and shoot at zombies as they attack you in waves while you defend your crew.

It can be tricky trying to navigate a VR space while still walking in the real world arena, so you will all be given the chance to engage in a demo before entering any real gameplay, which makes playing more fun, as you don't have to waste time figuring out what to do while you're being attacked.

While five friends can enter the arena at a time, the virtual reality experience in London is able to host parties of twenty or more people, so that while different teams set themselves against the zombies, your friends can sit back in the bar and enjoy a few drinks. They can watch your live performance on screens for their entertainment, taking the gaming experience and combining it with a social event.

If a Zombie Apocalypse doesn't appeal to your group, the option to partake in our Alien Defence program is also available, where you and your friends make up a team of marines who scour crash sites and recover intelligence to stop an alien invasion and save the human race, while you fight off said invaders.

Whichever experience you choose to have, you stand a chance to get your and your friends' names up on the leaderboard as reigning champions of the arena. Join us for a drink and come kill some zombies while you're at it!