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Contagion Origins

Descend underground in a thrilling zombie shooting adventure to uncover the source of a deadly virus. Your team must conduct investigations, navigate perilous tunnels and evacuate whilst evading infection.

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Contagion VR 2150

Recruit your team for this wave-based zombie survival challenge. Gather ammo, health, and upgrades strategically to outlast relentless undead waves. Test your survival instincts in this intense battle for your life.

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The Day After

Gather your squad as you explore a haunted village and prepare for a spooky zombie onslaught. Select your load-out and work your way through the eerie environments to inspect the source of evil and evacuate the cursed village.

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Virtual Arena PvP

Step into the Virtual Arena in this heart-pounding player vs player battle. Gear up and interchange between weapons, each with a distinct power-up and upgrades to dominate the arena. Communication, strategy and ability will determine who conquers.

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Legend of Faragor

Embark on a thrilling story-driven adventure in the mystical world of Faragor. Choose your elemental power - Fire, Ice, Arcane, or Lightning - and harness your unique powers to repel infernal hordes and legendary creatures threatening the realm. Face off against Lord Racknor and rescue Adrielle

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Virtual Arctic Expedition

Explore the wonders of the Arctic. Traverse icy tundras and hidden caverns, encountering unique wildlife and breath-taking views. Embark on an unforgettable journey of exploration and discovery.

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Augmented Reality Darts

60% OFF social darts Monday - Friday! Code 'DARTS60'

Try our action packed AR darts where groups can enjoy our selection of addictive & interactive game modes, funky cocktails and food in your own playing area.

Game modes include solo & team battles with various difficulties.

Minimum height: 1.3m height

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