Legend of Faragor

Available at Navrtar in Ealing

the story


Embark on a thrilling story-driven adventure immersing you and your team of magicians into the mystical world of Faragor. Together you must select your elemental powers - Fire, Ice, Arcane, or Lightning - and harness your special abilities to repel infernal hordes and legendary creatures threatening the realm. As magicians, you must communicate and combine your powers to save Adrielle, a Night Elf imprisoned by the terrible Dark Lord Racknor.


- Select your elemental power

- Combine forces to fend off the legendary creatures

- Survive Lord Racknor and rescue Adrielle


- Level up your character's mask

- Level up your character's costume

With new features such as profiling and customisation, players can level up their characters and weapons subject to their performance. The more you play, the more you level up!

Four game modes are available depending on the desired difficulty: Discovery, Soldier, Nightmare and Hell. (Select on the day)

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