Contagion Origins

the story

With new features such as profiling and customisation, players can level up their characters and weapons subject to their performance. The more you play, the more you level up!

In Contagion Origins, descend underground in a thrilling zombie shooting adventure to uncover the source of a deadly virus. Your team must conduct investigations, navigate perilous tunnels and evacuate whilst evading infection.

Gather your squad for one of our newest and longest experiences yet. Start off in our army base where you will get in-game preparation time to test different weapons. Patrol through 8 different immersive environments with the use of different weapon types and access to weapon boxes which equip you with additional features like torches, grenade launchers, and flamethrowers.

Communication within your team is vital to survive. Collect and share Health and Ammo power-ups to ensure you all make it through to the end! Do you have what it takes?

Four game modes are available depending on the desired difficulty: Discovery, Soldier, Nightmare and Hell. (Select on the day)

As the difficulty increases, new enemy types appear, ammo becomes scarcer, and environmental conditions change!