Why you should try out our Virtual Reality Experience

Once you get a taste of the arcade-based Virtual Reality Experience in London available at Navrtar, it is hard to find similar joy in the in-home console gaming experience. The excitement afforded by fully-immersive, free-roam VR gaming such as that included in our Virtual Reality Experience in London is simply hard to beat which is why free-roam VR gaming has become all the rage and enjoyed by children, teenagers and adults.

We have paired up with Vicon to bring gamers together, and using cutting-edge location based VR technology, to create a dynamic and engaging platform in which to build, test or enhance their skills as they battle it out with zombies or aliens.

If you have enjoyed thrill seeking leisure activities such as laser tag, then you will want to try out our Virtual Reality Experience in London. Here’s why we think you should give our stimulating London Virtual Reality Experience a try.

Benefits of the Virtual reality experience London

Action-packed VR gaming has caught the attention of die-hard adult gamers, adrenaline junkies and tech enthusiasts. It is also enjoyed by children and teenagers who have found the simulated world of arcade-based gaming to surpass the limitations of console gaming. Here are some of the key benefits gamers can enjoy with free roaming gaming:

A healthier alternative to PC games

Location-based VR gaming will have you flapping your arms or darting about the room dodging imaginary foes – all of which is good for the heart. It is far more likely for a gamer to burn calories in a location-based gaming experience than when sitting in front of a screen for hours on end.

Good for the brain

Arcade-based gaming is a fun way to engage the brain and develop new skills. Gamers will be required to outmanoeuvre the enemy by solving puzzles or executing well-thought-out survival strategies.

Our VR gaming experience can do much more to promote well-being. Gamers can find the safe backdrop of a simulated environment an ideal platform to overcome their fears (some of the more common ones being the fear of heights, fear of darkness or fear of water). Not only can gamers build on their confidence, they will feel a sense of accomplishment and pride. What is more, is that there is very little risk of danger to the gamer exercising his mental demons.

Fun way to get rid of anxiety

Finding stress-relieving techniques that work for them can be a real challenge for many people. We have found that a better way to de-stress is to add an element of fun in the activity which is why VR gaming works so well to escape one’s troubles and lower anxiety levels.

Experience virtual reality in London at Navrtar where you can escape encroaching zombies or battle it out with aliens. Whether you are looking for a novel birthday party idea or want to host an unforgettable team building event, a free roaming, VR gaming experience will create memories that will be revisited time and time again.