Why should you give Navrtar a try?

When did you last have a blast with your teenage son, chill out with some techie mates or save your girlfriend from a hoard of zombies in an apocalyptic world? If it's been a while, you should try Navrtar, the city's VR bar for a virtual reality experience in London.

Game options


Yes, it’s a zombie simulation! Sometimes, it's best not to complicate things and when the world has ended and the dead have risen, life is hard enough without mixing genres. The issues you’ll face, apart from the growing, existential dread of realising that you are in an endless survival mode, is communicating and strategizing with your team. It's all no scope headshots or nothing.

Overrun; Stage 2

More? Yes, more. If Overrun didn’t make its point, stage 2 proves that endless survival mode can continue after death! The popularity of Overrun made a sequel extending the content a must for our customers.

Strike Team Delta

Strike Team Delta is a very different beast, with the same kind of ambience. The dread that is.

Death is less of a creeping horror than a jump scare away. Your arch-nemesis in Strike Team Delta is a full-scale alien invasion, giving you slavery or death as your terms of surrender. It's time to lock and load!

These space invaders won't be gently descending down your screen; expect them to ambush and snipe you, then fall back into defensive positions. You'll need fast thinking and fast trigger fingers to save the world from this invasion.

The Heist

Have you ever found yourself in an escape room? No neither have we! The Heist is a VR puzzle shooter that has you foiling a bank heist. Think GTA but you're playing the cops. It's the hardest of the game settings and the less forgiving, with the constant threat of being gunned down in cold blood by violent gangsters.


Don’t worry if computer games have never been your thing, at our virtual reality experience in London we focus on making the interface as intuitive and subtle as possible. During the main events, it is the goal for you to be deeply immersed. To get everyone over that ‘where’s the button’ barrier and to add to the fun, we have an extensive introduction for first-time players. Due to the size of the VR kit and the graphic nature of our experiences, the minimum age to attend is 13, with 13-17 year olds required to have adult supervision.


We use dynamic pricing here at Navrtar, it’s a bit like booking airline tickets; virtual reality experience in London starts at a nominal price and this will increase with demand. So you will only get the best price by booking early. If you can think of someone you know who may really enjoy a visit to Navrtar, we issue gift cards on our website. Also, you can contact us if you have any further queries.


Our well-serviced base is in Dickens Yard, Longfield Avenue. Ealing has excellent transport options. We also offer a 20% reduction in underground parking via Q-park,