Why is the virtual reality experience in London so rewarding?

Have you been playing VR games in your home and wondered what it would be like to enter the surreal world of make-believe and have up-close and personal confrontations with zombies and alien life forms? Well, now you can experience all this and more in a fully immersive virtual reality experience in London at Navrtar. Our free-roam VR gaming experience accommodates multiple players, which makes it the perfect party-hosting or team-building event.

In addition to experiencing the ultimate virtual reality experience in London, our customers can also benefit from having convenient access to food and drink, as well as game demos that are available. You can have engaging gaming sessions that last 60 minutes in a safe gaming environment and there are various other forms of entertainment available onsite such as table games.

Children from 13 years of age are welcome. It should be noted that 13 to 17 years olds must be accompanied by an adult.

Rewards of participating in the virtual reality experience in London

Demands for VR gaming experiences have skyrocketed. This demand has unleashed a fury of developments in VR gaming software and equipment that is largely responsible for the definitive gaming experience it has come to be reputed for. Advancements continue to push past the boundaries of limitation, which means there is so much more to be expected in the future from VR gaming. The following are just some of the most desirable benefits of the London virtual reality experience that may be provided.

Experience an unreal experience in a real world way

Arcade-based and home-based gaming differs in one significant way – the type of gaming experience each provides. Arcade-based, free-roaming gaming is incomparable for the dynamic and adrenaline-coursing experiences they provide. As these are fully immersive games and unencumbered by the restrictions posed by a computer monitor, a participant ‘enters’ the make-believe world and using their whole body experience, navigates their way through this surreal world.

Overcome phobias

The surreal world of VR gaming serves other uses apart from being fun and entertaining. Through the ‘safe’ environment of the make-believe world, participants can exorcise their fears and phobias (fear of heights, fear of the ocean, and fear of aliens) without confronting real danger.

Burn off calories in a get-up-and-go form of exercise

Unlike sofa-bound, home-based VR gaming, our free-roam VR gaming experiences require players to literally jump into the thick of things. By running around and flapping arms in attacking the foe, participating can make their heartbeats pulsate and give their muscles a workout.

Benefits to mental health

VR gaming participants, both children and adults, can give their mental health a boost in their own way. Children who lack confidence can be drawn out of the shells as they pass through each stage of the games. For adults who are looking for an effective way to relieve stress, they will find gaming the perfect escape route from everyday pressures and anxieties.

Get rid of chronic pains

Not many are aware that gaming can provide a chemical and drug-free way of managing chronic pain. The movements in free-roam gaming can contribute to improved overall health, where encompassing physical activity is made easier and a lot more enjoyable.

Experience virtual reality in London at Navrtar and you will never define fun and excitement in the same way again.