Why chose the Virtual Reality Experience?

Have you always dreamed of testing out your survival skills against zombies or an extraterrestrial invasion? Now you can have an exciting Virtual Reality Experience in London hosted at Navrtar. We have partnered with Vicon to bring thrill seeking gamers the best of advanced location based VR technology that delivers an enhanced, immersive and engaging gaming adventure.

At our VR arcade, gamers can step into a life-like virtual world for a dynamic gaming experience that cannot be equalled at home. Why be limited to the restrictions of lounge-based gaming when you can enjoy the free-roam Virtual Reality Experience in London? Here are a few benefits we would like you to consider.

Rewards of the Virtual Reality Experience in London

Enhance your skills in a simulated environment

The virtual world may not be the real world but with state-of-the-art interactive 3D technology, it comes pretty close and provides the perfect backdrop to testing out skills that is not always possible in the real world. In a Virtual reality experience London, you have to quick action survival strategies in an apocalyptic world where there is little time to think as the enemy stages its attack.

Get a physical workout

Location-based, free-roam VR gaming differs from in-home gaming as it does get gamers off the sofa and onto their feet. In moving about the room, using their whole bodies to control character movements, a gamer can burn a lot of calories with the added bonus of it not feeling like a gym workout but a whole lot of fun.

More of a realistic, beyond-the screen gaming experience

Unlike a traditional gaming experience where a gamer just sits in front of a screen. Arcade-based VR gaming has seen a stratospheric rise in demand due to its incomparable immersive experience that mirrors the real world.

Mental health benefits

More and more researchers are beginning to attribute mental health benefits to children who are exposed to virtual reality gaming. Children and teenagers can see an improvement in confidence, self-expression and exhibit a sense of pride – all of which is made possible through the controlled environment of a computer-generated virtual world.

Added to this, in the safety of the simulated environment, children and teenagers (and even adults) can overcome their fears - whether their phobias include fear of heights or darkness or water.

Improve cognitive ability

It is in the design of survival games that you are required to solve puzzles and, in many instances, think out of the box for a clever escape strategy. All of this relies on cognitive power so VR gaming does indeed create a strong argument for training the brain.

Effective stress-relieving benefits

Many health professionals will point out that one of the more effective ways to relieve stress is to engage with an activity you find fun. If you find joy in participating in virtual reality games, then this can be the perfect way to avoid anxiety caused by the burdens of a harsh world.

Experience virtual reality in London and enter an adventure full of fun and thrills. Book your London Virtual Reality Experience at Navrtar today.