Why choose our virtual reality experience in London?

Our virtual reality experience in London is the first virtual reality free roaming gaming experience and bar within the United Kingdom! This not only makes our experience unique, but also makes us completely different from any other virtual reality experience within the local and surrounding areas.

Is Navrtar right for you?

At Navrtar we offer many gaming experiences (such as Alien Defence, Apocalypse, and our latest addition known as ‘The Heist’). If you are an individual who is looking for an adrenaline pumping game to experience alone using our private gaming booths, or if you wish to play with several other players (up to four alternate players) then our virtual reality experience in London could be the perfect day out for you!

Do I have to be a keen gamer to visit Navrtar?

Not at all! Many of our potential gamers may be concerned about the fact they do not play virtual reality games or other consoles during their free time, despite this however many of our customers are surprised at their enjoyment! For example, one of our positive gamer reviews (all of which are located on our modern and accessible website) states that even the players who were not into gaming thoroughly enjoyed themselves, which we believe speaks volumes for our entertainment value!

Expanding our virtual reality experience

Our first Navrtar virtual reality and bar experience was opened in Ealing, London. After our first establishment blossomed and due to our rising popularity we decided to extend our premises to the Netherlands! Due to our ever growing demand our team is looking to open many more venues! In addition to our two bar and virtual reality experiences our brilliant team is hoping to expand Navrtar even further within the coming years.

So what can I expect from your virtual reality experience?

Many of our gamers may have heard of virtual reality, however they may be unsure of what to expect from our gaming and bar experience! All of our gamers who wish to play in multiplayer receive sixty full minutes of free roaming time, as well as a choice of up to five players. In addition to our free roaming experience, we also give all of our players (who are over the age of eighteen) access to our fully stocked bar of wines, spirits, and of course soft drinks to accommodate the whole family!

How do I book my virtual reality experience?

If you are interested in our unique Navrtar experience you may be wondering how to book your first session. Located on our website our gamers can select the month they wish to play in, the location they want to visit, as well as the virtual reality experience they want to pursue!

How to get in touch

If you are keen to play at our premises, but have any queries or concerns regarding your virtual reality experience then feel free to give our fantastic gaming team a call now. Our team not only offers our direct contact number (note however we do not take bookings over the phone) and our email address, but we also provide an enquiry message box via our website.