Where do virtual reality tournaments take place in London?

At Navrtar our tournaments are usually based in an arena where the main game will take place. The arena can hold up to around 5 players maximum which will consist of a set of 20 minute games- this means there is less waiting time. After each individual of a group has participated there is then a final game which will include 5 of the top highest players who will then attend the medal awarding ceremony. If you are interested in virtual reality gaming do not hesitate to consult our team for a booking for a virtual reality experience in London.

What sessions and services are offered?

We at Navrtar also provide a catering service for those who are watching others play. We are fully equipped with catering experience. Not only are virtual reality arcades engaging they are also entertaining for the viewer to watch. Guests who are watching can watch the players complete their mission whilst they enjoy the service of drinks/snacks in our viewing area. There are a different variety of food options so it is just as comforting and enjoyable for the viewer.

We also provide a demo starter for individuals who are experiencing virtual reality gaming first hand which is also great for those with a fear of heights. Your unlimited access to the demo will involve a set of 3 experiences which are known as (“See” – Visual, “Score” – Game, “Scare” – Thrill). This gives an individual the opportunity to familiarise themselves with virtual reality before proceeding with the event. This also helps you to pump your heart before anything takes place which will consist of a lot of movement. This is a flexibility when considering the sporting elements of virtual reality gaming.

Not only do we at Navrtar have virtual reality gaming but we also include different table games to increase the excitement of the experience. This is a perfect opportunity to increase skills and it also gives you the opportunity to engage in challenges with friends or colleagues. Our other table games include: pool, football tables and a quiz machine.

What does the gaming experience consist of?

At Navrtar there are 3 main stages that will make up your virtual reality gaming session. The first activity will be a demo which has a duration of 30 minutes. This gives individuals the initial experience of virtual reality to give you a headstart for the game ahead. This is to ensure you understand the concepts of virtual reality gaming and what it delivers.

The next stage is known as Overrun which prior to this was known as Zombie Apocalypse. Throughout this Apocalypse, it is important to work together as a team to combat and survive any aims targeting you. Your team will have to fight against approaching hordes of zombies. This stage is packed full of entertainment and action as zombies will continue to invade the area. This stage can range from it’s difficulty as it will fall into the category of easy to difficult.

There will then be a second overrun stage also previously known as: Zombie Apocalypse Revamped. After the first survival of the zombies during the first apocalypse more zombies have returned and this time much more stronger. This will involve much more skill as it is ranked higher in terms of difficulty. This is one Navrtars most favourable game and this time it is back with much more intensity and more zombies.