Where can I try VR in London?

A virtual reality experience in London is a unique entertainment that is offered by us here at Navrtar. We are located in Ealing, at Dickens Yard. We are open from Monday to Saturday between the hours of two and ten. On Sundays we are open from twelve to eight. We have onsite parking that you can use for 20% off the normal price This London virtual reality experience is original and exciting. Many of our customers have thoroughly enjoyed their time here with us and would not hesitate to recommend us to their family and friends. This is why we think that you might want to seriously consider our unique experience. You could have a look at our website to get to grips with the number of different packages that we offer. In this article we will discuss who this venue is designed for and how much our experiences cost. You should read on to discover more about us as an entertainment provider.

What is a good age for this experience?

A virtual reality experience in London is an exciting possibility that many different people can access, to have a unique and interesting day out. Our London virtual reality experience uses cutting edge hardware and strict health and safety regulations. This alongside graphic content of the experiences means that the minimum age requirement is 13. We care about the health and safety of all of our customers so we are afraid we are not able to accommodate younger children. Customers between the ages of 13 and17 must be accompanied by an adult to ensure that everyone is safe and can access the games to their fullest potential. We offer games at varying difficulty levels with content that ranges from heists to apocalypses. We aim to offer an experience that everyone should have fun immersing themselves in. We offer a few different experiences alongside our demo which can allow you to get to grips with the VR technology that we use. You should use the website to see which of our games would be the best choice for you and your group. You should read on to the next section to see how much our entertainment costs.

How much does the experience cost?

Our virtual reality experience in London uses a dynamic pricing system meaning that the earlier you book the more money you save. As the slots for each session fill up then the cost of an experience goes up too, so it really does make sense to book your session in at the earliest convenience. We want you to experience virtual reality in London so why not book today?You can secure your tickets online through our website. You can check out our website to answer any questions that you may have, you can also get in contact with us directly. We look forward to welcoming you to our establishment and hope that you have a wonderful time. We are committed to ensuring that each of our customers has a safe, exciting and enjoyable time with us. We look forward to hearing from you.