What virtual reality experiences do we provide?

Here at Navrtar, we are dedicated to providing a unique experience for you and your friends. You may not have used VR before, or you might be a master of it. Either way, you are sure to have a great time when you come in, whilst creating life-long memories.

What is VR?

Before getting into the details of our specific experiences, we will first explain what VR actually is. VR can come in different forms, but the basis of it is that you wear goggles that make you feel like you're really in the game you're playing. The goggles follow your head movement, so when you move your head, you're actually looking around in the game. At Navrtar, we also provide our players with props such as guns to help with the immersiveness of the experiences.

Our experiences


Before you jump into one of our main experiences, you will have a demo run to get more comfortable with how VR works. Our Navrtar staff will guide you through all of the controls, and help you get used to VR. This can include mini games such as walking on a high up plank to really give you an idea of how realistic VR can be.


The first of the experiences that we provide is called Overrun. This is based in a remote village in 1987, where a local doctor has failed with his super human experiments. Due to this, a zombie apocalypse has broken out in the village. Your mission is to team up, survive and defeat the zombie hordes, as well as their boss, and save the town.

Overrun stage 2

Our second virtual reality experience in London is a new and improved version of Overrun. There are new additions to the game as well as more levels to really maximise your zombie apocalypse experience. In this newer version of Overrun, you will be able to travel further distances and even take the metro! It really feels like you have been thrown into a zombie apocalypse.

Strike Team Delta

Our next virtual reality experience in London is called Strike Team Delta. In this game, you will be in the shoes of a brave marine who is fighting to save the world from an alien invasion. Your tasks will include defeating the aliens and searching crash sites for crucial information to help bring down the alien incursion!


Our final and newest game that we provide to our players is called Toonstrike. This game is on the more cartoony side, and is set in a (not so) happy region of the country called Altesa. You and your teammates' mission is to protect Altesa and restore peace by defeating enemies.

Why choose us?

Something that makes us unique here at Navtar is our optional food and drinks package. Instead of doing the virtual reality experience in London and then leaving straight away, you can hang out in our bar and enjoy a range of drinks and snacks, as well as a variety of bar games. We also have a viewing area so you can watch your friends complete their mission whilst enjoying a drink!