What to expect when coming to Navrtar

Whether you're looking for a way to make fun memories with friends and family, or setting up a team building exercise for you and your colleagues, Navrtar is a great place to come. Our virtual reality experience in London can really get your adrenaline pumping, and make you want to come back for more.

What's included?

When you and your group want to book a virtual reality experience in London with us, you can do this directly online (if your group is up to 20 players). We will explain what is included in this below.

A demo run

Whichever game you choose to play during your time with us, you will have an included demo. This lasts for around half an hour, and will give you a good feel of what VR is like. This is an opportunity for you to have some fun in some mini games and get used to everything before going into your main experience.

The main games

You have 4 games to choose from for your main game, and 5 of you can go in at a time. If there are more than 5 of you, the rest can go and enjoy a drink whilst you watch your friends complete their mission.


This is our newest game here at Navrtar, and it is set in a region called Altesa. It used to be the happiest region in the country, but now it has been taken over by evil enemies. Your mission is to defeat these enemies and restore peace in Altesa!

Strike Team Delta

Another game you can choose is Strike Team Delta. Your group’s mission is to step into the shoes of a marine who is defending the world from an alien invasion. You will be scouring crash sites for vital information and fighting the aliens that are taking over Earth.


The third game that your group can choose is Overrun, which is based in a remote village that has been taken over by a zombie outbreak. Your task is to fight these zombies and stop them from causing any more destruction to the peaceful village.

Overrun 2

Lastly, we have Overrun 2, which is a revamped version of the original Overrun. You will be able to travel longer distances and defeat more enemies in this game, you can even ride the metro!


When you come to Navrtar for a virtual reality experience in London, we will put your group into a tournament where you can compete for the highest score. We will have prizes at the ready for anyone who can get top marks!

Optional food and drinks package

If you would like to enjoy some bar drinks and snacks, this can be arranged before you arrive. Just make sure you let us know that you want the food and drinks package and we will be able to organise it for you.

Table games and bar area

Once you have completed your VR experience with us, you will be able to hang out in our bar area and join in various table games such as pool. We even have a quiz machine that you and your group can enjoy. This is such a great way of connecting with each other after you've finished playing the main game.