What to expect from our virtual reality experience in London

At our virtual reality experience in London we happen to be the United Kingdom’s first free roaming virtual reality and bar experience, situated in London. With our unique facilities in mind therefore, many of our new players may be unsure of what to expect from a visit to our virtual reality experience in London, especially for those who have never experienced virtual reality before.

So... What happens next?

After you have booked your gaming experience online (or over the phone), you can come and pay us a visit! Once you have given your booking details to a member of our Navrtar team you may wish to select the names of your players, as these will be shown whilst you’re playing the game! Once you’ve selected your individual gaming titles you may wish to visit our fully stocked bar for a drink before you start your gaming session!

Familiarizing yourself with the virtual reality experience

Before starting your chosen game we offer a free introductory virtual reality experience demonstration which allows our novice VR gamers to gain some understanding of virtual reality, whilst preparing them for their session.

Are you ready to play?

Whilst you’re waiting for your allocated gaming time slot to begin, why not take a look at your potential competition? Our bar area allows gamers to watch other gamers during the virtual reality experience, which can help prepare them for their session too.

How to prepare for your visit to our gaming experience!

Whether you are an avid virtual reality gamer in your own time, or you’ve never tried any type of gaming before, at our Navrtar gaming facility we have experiences for all abilities, and every member of the family! Located on our modern and easily accessible Navrtar gaming website we provide a wide variety of virtual reality gaming experiences, one example of which is ‘overrun’.

Is ‘overrun’ the right game mode for you?

Previously known as ‘zombie apocalypse’ this popular gaming experience is perfect for players of all levels! During this apocalypse gaming experience the player must work collaboratively with their team members to fight off the ever increasing waves of zombies that come their way - these enemies will stop for no one! This heart-pumping game is described as a ‘cocktail’ of entertainment by our team, with varying difficulty levels from easy to hard; this option is perfect for avid gamers, or even total novices!

Looking for something to stretch your gaming ability?

Many of our players may play virtual reality frequently within their own time, and they may therefore wish for something more challenging when they visit our gaming centre. The heist could be considered as the perfect option for those who wish for something more tricky, whilst keeping their pulse rate up!

What to expect from ‘the heist’ escape room

The heist is an escape room interactive adventure which requires a minimum of three gamers. During this interactive experience the player is a member of the police force, playing an active role at the crime scene of a bank robbery. During this heart racing session the player must work collaboratively as a team to work on their problem solving skills, whilst taking part in some action too!