What to expect from a visit to our virtual reality experience in London

At our virtual reality experience in London we are known as the UK’s first ever virtual reality and free roaming bar experience! With this unique gaming format in mind, many of our players (even for those who are familiar with the world of virtual reality), may be unsure of what to expect prior to their visit to our virtual reality experience in London.

The initial booking of your session

Whether you are looking for a gaming experience as an individual player or a team, at Navrtar we have games to accommodate for all levels of ability, and every member of the family. Once you’ve booked your session online (whether this be through our quick and easy booking system, or by giving us a call) you may wish to take a look at the session you’re going to be playing.

At Navrtar we embrace variety within our gaming

At our gaming facility in London we understand that many of our players may have never experienced virtual reality before. With this in mind, we not only offer our gamers easy to medium difficulty levels (which can be seen within both ‘overrun’, and ‘strike team delta’) however we also offer a more intense experience too!

Introducing the heist at Navrtar

The heist is a unique escape room experience that combines the perfect cocktail of heart racing action with mental problem solving for three players! This challenge is based at the crime scene of a bank robbery, and the players must arm themselves with the right weapons (whether this be a torch, or a gun), whilst saving lives at the heart of the action.

Considering booking a session at our virtual reality experience?

If our unique gaming experience looks like something you or your friends and family would be interested in, then you may wish to get in touch with a member of our team. Located on our easily accessible and modern gaming website we not only provide our potential gamers with a ‘book online’ option, however we also provide our direct telephone number too.

What makes our virtual gaming experience so unique?

Virtual reality is considered as the new world of gaming, and many facilities are now offering interactive virtual reality experiences, however not all of which are free roaming, and none of which combine a fully stocked bar! Before they start their session, many of our players may wish to pick up a drink of their choice from the bar (whether this be a soft drink, a glass of wine, or even a selection of spirits or mixers) - this can not only refresh our gamers before their heart racing gaming experience, however it can also help them have fun within the walls of our facility!

Our plans for the future

At Navrtar we wish to expand the ever increasing demand of our virtual reality and bar experience! At present, we have gaming locations situated both in the heart of London, and even Amsterdam! Despite offering these two fantastic gaming locations, we also wish to expand our business even further!