What makes our virtual reality experience in London unique?

At our virtual reality experience in London we are proud to be the United Kingdom’s first free roaming virtual reality and bar gaming facility, which we believe is something to shout about! At our virtual reality experience in London we not only offer our guests with a range of gaming difficulties (from easy, to super challenging!), however we also provide a fully stocked bar with soft drinks, wines, and even spirits too! We believe our unique virtual reality gaming experience is pretty impressive, but don’t just take our word for it... Come and see for yourself!

How to find us

At Navrtar our unique virtual reality gaming experience seems to have gained a positive reputation within the local area, which we believe is a credit to our amazing facilities! If you are an individual or a large group who wishes to pay a visit to our gaming experience, then you may wish to book your session now.

How to book your virtual reality gaming experience

Located on our both modern, and therefore easily accessible virtual gaming website, we offer our potential guests with direct contact details (such as our telephone number), however we also provide an online question option which allows our potential gamers to enter their email address in addition to any queries or concerns they may have regarding their next visit.

Gaining an insight into Navrtar London

Located on our website we provide information on all of our virtual reality locations. At our London gaming site we not only offer a free demonstration experience however we also provide three games which range greatly regarding their difficulty!

Are you an avid gamer?

At our virtual reality experience in London many of our guests may game avidly within the comfort of their own home, despite this however many individuals may also have never experienced virtual reality before, which is why we offer both easy and extremely tough gaming options for our guests!

Introducing… The heist

Within this heart racing escape room experience the gamer is essentially a member of the police force, acting live at the crime scene of an intense bank robbery! The players must equip themselves with scanners, torches and even guns to survive and save lives within this unique free roaming experience.

Is the heist the right game for you?

This gaming mode is a perfect choice for players who wish to work as a team within a fun problem-solving thrilling adventure. The heist requires a minimum of three players and ranges within a hard difficulty to challenge the mind whilst getting pulses racing!

Take a glimpse at your gaming experience

At Navrtar, many of our gamers may have never experienced virtual reality before, with this in mind therefore we display many of our gaming experience photos on our website, for all of our potential guests to view. We understand that many of our potential gamers may still hold questions or concerns regarding their upcoming session, which is why we also provide our direct contact number, in addition to an online question option too.