What makes our virtual reality experience in London different?

Navrtar is the United Kingdom’s first free roam virtual reality and bar experience! We not only offer group sessions in our large space, however we also accommodate for players who would rather go solo. Our private booths strive to accommodate individuals who wish for an alternative gaming experience, paired with our fully stocked bar we make for an excellent virtual reality experience in London.

The wide variety of gaming experiences available at our virtual reality experience in London

At Navrtar we not only offer a demonstration mode (which is included for free within the main experience) we also provide an Apocalypse mode, an Alien Defence experience, as well as our popular game referred to by our team as ‘The Heist’.

Getting to know our games

Our demonstration mode could be considered as our ‘standard’ offering, however it is highly ranked by our players! This introduction lasts sixty minutes which allows plenty of fun for all of our customers, this is essentially to introduce you to the fun modes ahead, ensuring you know how everything works when you get to the real thing, basically making the gaming process ahead far smoother.

Is Apocalypse right for you?

Luckily for our players Zombie Apocalypse or Alien Defence are included within this experience, Apocalypse could be considered as a player favourite, including a collaborative approach with your fellow players to fight off the incoming waves of zombies! It's a race to the finish for our players to fight off the enemy in this adrenaline pumping action, these zombies will stop for no one. If you are looking for a team activity with an easy to hard level of difficulty then this game could be perfect for you.

The fun doesn’t stop there

In addition to our Apocalypse mode we also offer an Alien Defence experience. This game requires you to work with your team to protect your world from an alien invasion, judgment day has arrived with all of the members of the team needed to accumulate information to stop this takeover! If you are looking for a game of medium difficulty that is great fun and heart racing for all members of the family, then alien defence could be the game for you!

Where are we based?

With our increasing popularity we now have two virtual reality Navrtar locations! Our first location was opened within Ealing in London with a bar and 4500 square feet of gaming roaming space! After our establishment of our Ealing location we decided to expand further afield which is why we now offer a Navrtar in Amsterdam, this premises within the Netherlands is great for our locals who are travelling or for gamers in the Amsterdam area who want to try something new!

Finding it hard to find us?

Our exact location is located on our website and we can be accessed by all modes of transport! If you do wish to pay our premises a visit then feel free to book a session at one of our two locations now.