What is the Navrtar virtual reality experience?

We are proud to have created the UK’s first free-roam virtual reality experience in London that also has a bar and other entertainment. Instead of just coming in for the experience and then leaving, you can hang out with your friends and family, have food and drink, play table games and much more!

What to expect

When you come in for your virtual reality experience in London, we will first go through a 30 minute demo with you and your group so you are familiar with how VR works. This will help to give you a glimpse of what the main experience will feel like, which is super exciting! You will be led by one of our experienced staff members, who can help you adapt to the VR headset.

After this demo, you will be ready to start the actual experience, which will last for around 60 minutes. These experiences are high energy and action-packed, and are lots of fun! You will be in a large area and will have free roam of it when you are in the experience, so there is plenty of space to run around in!

Once you are done, we have a bar area where you can have some enjoyment with your friends/family, get food and drinks, and play table games such as pool. This creates such a memorable experience for you and your group, and can really help to build bonds with people you may not know as well, such as work colleagues.

Our staff members at Navrtar are very knowledgeable and enthused by VR, and encourage people to come and experience it for themselves. We can guarantee that you will have a day or night to remember, and will be wanting to come back for more!

What experiences do we offer?

We have a few different types of virtual reality experience in London, each one having a different theme and level of intensity.


This experience was previously known as Zombie Apocalypse, and you can see why! This action-packed game will involve you working together to survive lethal waves of zombies! The difficulty can vary from easy to hard, and is full of entertainment and heart-racing activities. Will your team be the last to survive?

Overrun stage 2

Our second experience is the zombie apocalypse revamped! The storyline is that you and your team have managed to keep the zombies at bay and are surviving the apocalypse, or so you thought! Instead the zombies return, and are stronger than ever! With more levels and more zombies, you and your friends will have heart-racing fun! The difficulty of this experience ranges from easy to hard, like Overrun.

Strike team delta

Our final experience is a jam-packed alien invasion VR game. You and your teammates will be marines embarking on a mission to save the world from an invasion. You will be required to search and secure intelligence, scour crash sites, and prevent the takeover. The difficulty for this experience is medium, so not too easy but not too intense!