What is an immersive experience?

An immersive experience is a unique and different way to play games. Our virtual reality experience in London will allow you to fully immerse yourself into a whole new world unlike anything you have experienced before. Our virtual reality experience in London has been especially designed with you in mind, we want all of our customers to have an incredible time when they embark on one of our adventures. Experiences can be tailored to each group, with the difficulty level being able to fluctuate, so each set of players can have the best access to our games. With an immersive experience you can leave the real world behind you and throw yourself into a brand new one. This experience will use all of your senses as you engage in your new surroundings. This article will take you through what we think will happen with the future of virtual reality as well as what is offered to make our vital reality experience the best and the one that you should consider.

Is virtual reality really the future?

We believe that our virtual reality experience in London is only the beginning. We believe that what we are offering forms the basis of a new entertainment experience. Our unique and exciting gaming uses cutting edge technology to give you the best time with your team of family and friends. We want you to explore London virtual reality as we believe that our experience offers you a unique take on classic storytelling, one where you become the hero of your own story. Virtual reality offers unique game play in a way you have never experienced before. Our past customers have been very impressed by the service and entertainment that they have had with us and would not hesitate to recommend our games to others who may be interested. You should read on to see why we think our service is the best and what you could get out of booking a session with us.

What is the best virtual reality experience?

Our London virtual reality experience allows you to get a taste of unique game play in a whole host of different scenarios. You can enter a game where you go up against hordes of zombies or even aliens. You can use deductive powers playing The Heist and take things to the next level. We believe that the best virtual reality experience uses the best technology and is completely immersive. We also take great pride in making sure you are entertained from the moment that you step into our establishment. We offer a fully licensed bar and games for you to play whilst you wait for your main game to start. If you have any questions about our virtual reality venue in London then you should be sure to check out our website and read about our services and the games that we offer in more detail. Should you have a question that is not answered on the FAQ page on the website please do not hesitate to get in contact. We look forward to welcoming you and having you try your hand at defending yourself in our unique setting!