What goes into our virtual reality experience in London

You may have read a lot in tech magazines and seen a lot of information online and on television about virtual reality, also known as VR.

And whilst it is easy to assume that VR headsets or experiences are overly pricey and don't offer any real advantages or fun over real experiences like paintball, this is simply not the case.

And at Navrtar, we should know!

At Navrtar, we are the leading providers of the top-notch virtual reality experience in London, which can offer you a myriad of different games to engage in with your friends, family or even colleagues! Safe, effective and fun, we can help ensure that your day with us is one to remember!

But let's go back to basics for a moment and take a quick look at VR, which has made our virtual reality experience in London so exciting and immersive.

What exactly is VR?

VR, short for virtual reality, allows an individual or a group of people to become fully immersed in a fabricated environment.

At Navrtar, the virtual reality experience in London that you choose could revolve around an alien invasion or the ever famous zombie apocalypse theme.

This VR experience will be delivered to you through a headset that tracks your movements and allows you to engage with the simulated environment as if you were actually in it.

The headsets that we provide consist of a screen, which will be securely fitted to your head to prevent it from falling off during play.

Depending on the experience you choose, you may also have a controller in your hand, which will allow you to take more control of the simulated environment, allowing you to manipulate objects and pick them up.

Movement and tracking

The VR headsets that we provide at Navrtar use a sophisticated system of eye movement tracking to produce the environment around you; if you look to the left, the headset will show you the left side of the simulated room and so on.

Some patrons have concerns that if they wear glasses, they will not be able to partake in a VR experience, but this isn’t true. Our headsets can track eye movement through glasses, allowing people of all visual abilities to take part.

Room-scale, seating and standing

With VR, there are 3 different kinds of volume with software tailored for the size of each play area; room-scale, seated and standing.

Room-scale VR revolves around setting a boundary but being able to move around freely within it. This allows those taking part to physically move around during the session.

Seated and standing play areas are similar in that you are required to stay in the same place as the VR environment moves around you, simulating movement.

Motion sickness

At Navrtar, we take pride in knowing all there is to know about VR and how it can affect our patrons.

And, unfortunately, in instances of sitting, standing or even room-scale experiences, there may be times when someone experiences nausea or motion sickness. If you suffer from motion sickness in general, please talk to our team before booking an experience, and we will aim to minimise the incidence of it occurring during your time with us.