What are VR arcades?

Virtual reality allows an individual to experience another generated reality that is produced by special software and hardware. Virtual reality arcades give you the opportunity to visualise an alternate reality without the need of buying your own headset. This experience is based and simulated in warehouses or courtyards which gives the space for individuals to run. We at Navrtar host virtual reality games that involve shooting zombies and in some cases aliens. Virtual reality has become a popular leisure activity similar to laser tag. If you are interested in virtual gaming, we at Navrtar have the given accessibility for you to experience a game in the players’ shoes. Do not hesitate to further look into bookings with the virtual reality experience in London.

Benefits of a virtual reality arcade

Virtual reality activities can vary in many ways, but mainly it allows you to roam around in any direction which makes the experience much more immersive. This experience has many more benefits.

A new world

Virtual reality gaming can take you into an alternate new universe where you can view new things and meet fictional players. This gives the effect of making the experience more realistic. Virtual reality creates 3D visuals which allow an individual to interact and collaborate with the fictional characters. You can experience many different roles as well as joining in with the game which can act as an escapism from the real world.

Calorie burner

Virtual reality gaming is an efficient method to lose calories. For those who are looking to burn calories without having to do usual day to day exercise. Virtual reality encourages the use of running and other moves that are hugely related to exercise. Whilst playing you will, over the course of the game, burn a few calories. This is due to how much pressure the game includes and therefore acts as a motivation to utilise your mobility.

Less screen time

Traditional gaming consists of using consoles which means there will be increased use ofscreen time. On the other hand, virtual reality decreases screen time and enables you to visit a realistic form of video game. However, traditional gaming does not give you the real experience that virtual reality can. Virtual reality can take you beyond the depths of a regular gaming experience.


It has been shown in many studies and it has been demonstrated that VR gaming helps in enhancing kids who lack expressiveness. With virtual reality becoming a popular activity, it helps individuals by allowing them to create their own virtual world where everything is under their supervision. The virtual reality arcade can strengthen your confidence and pride as well as work as a stress reliever. Virtual reality arcades are a game-changer and it includes exciting virtual reality games that are extremely engaging which increases an individual's adrenaline.

What can you expect in a virtual reality arcade?

At Navrtar there are many interactive gaming options to choose from that involve playing within a group, such as a five-player session. This is suitable and recommended for those who are wanting to book private parties, as well as the individual experiences for those who are interested. This is a great social activity that can also boost a wide array of skills.