Virtual reality experience in London, what are you waiting for?

You’ve read the books, you’ve seen the movies, you’ve binged the series. Now's the time to have your own virtual reality experience in London. Imagine taking your previous entertainment experience and putting it into 3D. Image exploring under the sea with a three hundred and sixty degree view without getting wet. Head on down to Narvrtar, grab your VR goggles and let your virtual reality experience in London begin!

Twenty twenty two is enjoying a technological progression

This decade is experiencing technology in a way that has never been experienced before. Why not become a virtual pioneer and experience reality in a new form with all the tension but in the safety of our free-roam area unrestricted by cables. It's all so easy now and our friendly helpful staff will show you how you can get your slice of the experience. You’ve probably played games on your phone and on your console, but this virtual reality experience in London elevates everything that you have done before to a whole new level.

You are one of the characters

When you come to Navrtar, you become one of the characters in a variety of experiences of your choice. You become immersed in a world which looks and feels real and gives you the sensations of being real but is virtual. You are in a world that is almost but is just not there! Unlike a book or a movie you are in the story, you are actually shaping the events and the outcome.

Bring your friends and family

Not only is this an experience that you can enjoy but you can invite your friends and family to join you. At Navrtar, we allow anyone over the age of ten to seventeen to join in provided they have adult supervision. You can arrange virtual reality parties and organise competitions among your friends and family to see who attains the highest score. You can see how you are doing in our league table. You can take on aliens or zombies solo or as part of a team. You may want to explore the bottom of the ocean or solve a bank robbery. You decide what gives you a thrill and we will make the experience one you will not forget.

Decades ago

Children decades ago used to get together and build tanks out of cardboard and pretend to be going into war, shooting at an imaginary enemy. Now that has been brought to virtual life and those same experiences are now available but so lifelike that it looks and feels so real.

Relax at our bar

We have a bar and snack area that you can relax in before and after your experience. A place where you can discuss the events and how well or badly you did. Compare your points and if it's after the event, you might even get the loser to pay for the drinks. What could be more civilised than going into battle and then enjoying drinks and a chat afterwards with your fellow warriors?