Virtual reality experience in London for groups and individuals

A virtual reality experience in London is a great time out for both groups and individuals who are looking to explore how modern technology is advancing and the kinds of gaming experiences that are available on the market right now.

That is why the UK’s first free roam gaming experience and bar is one of the most popular places to come on a night out for those people in the know.

People can enjoy working together in groups of up to 5 or they can enjoy a private booth on their own for the best virtual reality experience in London.

There are many different experiences available which can focus on action fuelled adventure or more puzzle solving games, to suit whatever the energy of the group dictates or what you feel like on the day. This vast range of different experiences also gives a wide selection measured in terms of difficulty, which means both seasoned gamers and first time users can have a lot of fun working through the games.

The virtual reality experience in London lasts for an entire 60 minutes and offers a comprehensive 30 minute training demonstration in this time, so that people can confidently and completely grasp how the entire system works. This length of time is great for a fun night out, coupled with a few drinks available at the bar.

Let’s go through some of the experiences on offer

For groups, there is a huge mix of different experiences that people can work together to accomplish. Apocalypse is an all time favourite, where gamers battle hoards of zombies from attack. This can be either easy or hard, depending on skill levels, making it great for people who want an action packed experience.

For problem solvers, perhaps the latest heist experience will suit them as they act out being police taking down bank robbers. Aliens vs. Humans also has a strong element of problem solving over the action side which provides a great balance and gives people an understanding of the depth that VR has to it.

For those looking for a private booth, there is a huge library of different mini games that people can enjoy. To step away from the social groups and immerse oneself in a whole new reality is something that many people come here to enjoy. You can choose your own difficulty level and pick a game that is either action packed or more problem solving again to suit your preferences. You can battle others around you or just enjoy the stunning effects that virtual reality can now offer with the headsets we have.

It is time to let your mind run wild with exploring new realms of possibility in these experiences. Virtual reality is fast becoming a way for people to break the chains of normality and enjoy a fully immersive gaming experience that utilises many more senses than common gaming programs.

Soon to be a common household experience and something to experience on a night out, come in and see the UK’s first centre purely dedicated to giving gamers the best time they can have.