Touch the edge of your imagination though a virtual reality experience in London

Experience the world of tomorrow

Whilst confined to the pages of science fiction novels and cinema screens just a few decades ago, the world of virtual reality is now far more science fact than fiction. Nowadays, anyone who is looking to experience something truly remarkable in the heart of the city, can dive deep into the digiverse through a virtual reality experience in London here at Navrtar virtual reality centre. We are the country's first free-roaming virtual reality platform which also houses a fully licensed bar - offering not only a glimpse of the future of entertainment, but also a social hub where similarly minded people can meet and share in a mutual appreciation of the world of VR.

What is included in a virtual reality experience in London?

At virtual reality Navrtar we believe it is our duty to share with the world the wonders that virtual reality has to offer, and as such believe that a virtual reality experience in London should be something which excites and sticks with every customer who visits our centre. As such, the first stage in every VR experience at Navrtar in Ealing involves an introductory demonstration. This lets our VR expert demonstrate the transformative nature of virtual reality and its ability to transport players to a number of full-rendered situations. If visitors were to simply rush straight head-on into gameplay within a 360° VR setting it could cause some amount of nausea or discomfort. Because of this, we’ve found that it is better for the comfort and safety of our visitors that they carry out the initial demonstration. After this, visitors can then play an additional thirty minutes of one of our interactive gaming experiences.

What options are there to play?

At Navrtar in London, we cater to all types of customers and offer games which can be played in teams as well as single-player games. One of our newest games is called ‘Heist’ and involves the player adopting the duties of a police detective who is attempting to stop a group of bank robbers and must outwit them through a series of puzzles and action sequences. For visitors who have come as a team, we have games such as ‘Apocalypse’ which lets players fight off an onslaught of undead attackers - without actually risking their own brains. This is an edge-of-your-seat experience in which fast thinking and reaction times may be all it takes to save humanity. We also have similar games such as ‘Alien Defence’ whereby you and your team of players must defend a space outpost from alien attackers. Each of the games we offer is a fully immersive experience during which objects can move towards players from any direction, which allows them to feel as if they are actually there, without any real risks. After an exhilarating 30 minutes of virtual reality game play, many of our adult customers often like to enjoy a relaxed drink in our fully licensed, on-site bar. This additional bar atmosphere truly makes the experience here at Navrtar in London something special, as people often stay for some time after their gaming session, as everyone at the bar shares in a mutual enjoyment of virtual reality and therefore conversations flow easily and comfortably.