The world of VR and the virtual reality experience in London

As technology is sweeping us through the century it can be hard to keep up with all the new terminology and concepts that are bombarding mankind almost every week. It could soon be that technology will surpass us and for ordinary folk it probably has, but nothing can surpass the human brain and how it is capable of understanding and adapting to new concepts. At Navrtar our virtual reality experience in London offers you the opportunity to get to know and understand the future of technology and possibly the future of social interaction as we face a world post-COVID, but what is virtual reality? Is it the same as augmented reality? Why do we need to understand the difference? These are some of the questions this article hopes to answer.

Augmented reality (AR)

Augmented reality takes what we can physically see in front of us and adds to it, think of games like PokemonGo, you can look through your phone’s camera at an area in front of you and the program will place a pokemon on the screen to look like it’s interacting with the area around you. AR can also be complex holographic images that appear in the middle of the room, but whatever form they take, they are projections onto reality.

Virtual reality (VR)

Virtual reality immerses your vision into a whole different 3D world that tricks your mind into believing what it is seeing is a real and interactive space. With virtual reality, you cannot see the real corporeal world around you. We call this a full visual immersion and not a projection.

The virtual reality experience in London uses a VR headset to fully immerse your mind into the world you see on the screen before your eyes, you will be unaware of the physical space around you as you explore a computer-generated virtual world. However, there is a cross over into AR as we place a ‘gun’ in your hands which needs to be operated in the real world to have an effect in the virtual one, this crossover is known as ‘extended reality’ (ER) because it combines the real and virtual environment.

The future is now

It is no small thing how the recent pandemic has changed the world, many work and education environments have changed with permanent effect having moved into the virtual sphere of interactions and there is no reason that socialising won’t do so too. In fact with the virtual reality experience in London, this is - in part - happening already, while you still need to be socially aware in your congregation at our bar, the gameplay and interaction with your friends, family, and colleagues takes place in a virtual environment. In the future, this may well extend to us being able to do so in the safety of our homes but, happily, for now, at least you can still meet up for a few games and a few drinks to keep you social butterflies happy and active, while we all begin moving forward with our lives. No matter what the future may hold, we have the key.