The power of Navrtar; the virtual reality experience in London

Welcome to Navrtar, a premium provider of VR. When you arrive, don't be fooled by the minimalist sci-fi bar that greets you; we do far more than serving drinks under black lights. The setting around you might look like the streaming of online games, but that gameplay is a set of our intrepid patrons, deep in their VR world. Perhaps you’d like to know more……

For a virtual reality experience in London Navrtar is your destination.

We are the UK's only free-roaming VR arcade and bar. This is a far cry from the at-home system you may have tried. The advanced image capture system we use would be more suited to a film set than the Wii remote or Sony Kinect. With our ceiling covered with a matrix of motion capture cameras, the 4500 sq.ft VR suite was made possible by our partnership with Vicon, a motion capture tracking software developer. As we strive to be inclusive, our intuitive controls can be used with no prior gaming experience. Your virtual guide will help you ‘kit up’ and show you the button locations on your rifle. Then it is time to step into your virtual reality experience in London, we start with ‘The Blu’ a trip underwater to learn the fundamentals of moving in VR.

Longbow VR is our next stop-off point. It has you loading, drawing and loosing arrows in a tower defence game. When it comes to getting your VR hand and eye coordination fast-tracked, it certainly does the job.

When the headset you're wearing starts to feel second nature, you meet Richie's Plank Experience; the joy of walking out on an 8-inch wide plank overhanging an 80 storey drop, you will be chanting to yourself about how it is not real!

With the prelude over, it's time for our main event.

Overrun and Overrun Stage 2

The Overrun is the team-based zombie shooter game. With immersion, it can be a shock when the zombies finally make contact, but we promise you are safe! But the real problem is the reload time of your rifle, meaning you have to communicate with the rest of your team and cover one another. With a vast number of undead approaching from all sides, it might also be nice to fight back to back on your first go!

Strike Team Delta

Our alien invasion definitely has a very different feel, as the number of the foe is replaced by their skill. Moving fast and taking cover is a must, as you dodge incoming fire and outflank with your team. Don’t expect a fair fight! These extraterrestrials will lurk, snipe and draw you in to ambush. Out-think them or be outgunned.

The Heist

Playing out like an escape room which utilises the opportunities of VR to push your problem-solving skills in a time pressure situation, you are a team of police officers and first responders to a bank robbery! Much tougher than any other virtual reality experience in London, this definitely has its place at Navrtar.