The perfect virtual reality experience in London

If you are looking for a great virtual reality experience in London, then Navrtar may be the place for you.

Navrtar offers you the opportunity to not only play a game but be completely immersed in the gameplay, by becoming an integral part of the game. Come and live life as one of the main characters within Navrtar’s virtual reality experience in London.

The Navrtar system has been developed to allow multiplayer functionally, allowing up to five players to play at the same time. This allows for a greater depth of gameplay, through multiple people interacting together with the system, leading to a more realistic virtual reality experience in London.

What’s on offer?

If you are looking for a unique team-building exercise why not ask about Navrtar’s group sessions? The group sessions can be tailored for groups between twenty and fifty-five people and can provide a truly unforgettable experience, your office will be buzzing with talk about their visit to Navrtar for some time after.

If you book a visit for your entire office, you will be placed into smaller teams of five for gameplay. This can also help to create a mini-tournament, adding extra excitement to your visit. Each team will take it in turns to play the game you select; the other teams can sit and watch on screens provided in the bar area. This can add a real sense of competition to your work’s outing, your only question will be can anyone beat the team with the boss in.

The bar area has been designed with your comfort in mind, offering you somewhere to relax and enjoy some food and drink. Just because you are in the bar there is no reason for your gameplay to stop. Pool tables, football tables, and quiz machines are available to provide different forms of games for you to play and enjoy.

One idea you may want to consider is setting up an office pool competition to find your office’s pool champion. You never know who will get the bragging right of being the best pool player in your office, could it be you.

Navrtar will provide each player with all the equipment they need to play and interact with the virtual reality game, this includes a backpack, headset, and virtual gun. You will also be given an introductory demonstration so everyone playing can understand how the equipment works and how to play the game. Navrtar wants all players to get the most out of the gameplay and feel they have had a knockout experience they will never forget.

Let’s explore one of the games; Strike Team Delta

The earth has been invaded by aliens who want to take the planet for themselves. They are killing humans by the thousands; the fate of humanity is now in your hands.

You are members of a squadron of marines on the front lines of the battle to take back the planet and save all life on Earth. You may be outgunned and feel the pressure of the task, but humanity is counting on you. Are you strong enough to come through and take back the planet before it is too late?

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