The Heist, a virtual reality experience in London

Ever watched a movie where there’s a bunch of bad guys about to pull off an impossible robbery and the police are always two steps behind and you find yourself thinking, “I could stop them!” Well now is your chance! Get your best buddies or conspiring co-workers together for a virtual reality experience in London you won’t easily forget. The Heist at Navrtar is our latest experience for you and your team to navigate your way through, be stealthy, hide from lasers, and catch the bad guys with your quick thinking and questionable code-breaking skills.

VR gaming

VR gaming may bring up ideas of a YouTuber walking around his lounge bumping into things while he plays a game and you laugh at him but it is, in fact, a far more interactive experience than that. With the virtual reality experience in London, not only do you get creative and convincing gameplay, but you get to move freely in a space that is big, safe and most importantly allows others to move around with you, which helps pull you further into the virtual world in a fun and interactive way.


What separates us from other VR gaming places is that we have upped the social element, while many places offer a lot of different games, for the most part, you will be standing in a cubical all on your own while you play, which is fun - for a while - but as all other online gaming platforms have proven; its more fun with friends! This is where we shine, you will be able to take 4 friends into the arena with you while each person has a role to play in the scenario of the heist which has specifically been created on a multiplayer platform. While 5 of you may play at a time, you may bring a bigger group of people with you who can enjoy a drink at the bar while they watch you play in real-time and on screens nearby. The space allows for a large group of around 20 to participate and we have table games available too for those who are waiting for their turn. A scoreboard allows you and other teams to compete against one another bringing a whole new light to the experience as each team navigates each game in their own way.

The hardware

We can go on and on about the virtual reality experience in London and our trailers speak for themselves, but what will you physically experience in this world and what if anything should you bring with you? The arena is a wide-open, but dark space which you can move freely in, as you will be given a wireless headset through which you will experience the virtual world. In your hands, you will have a cyber-looking gun that will help you defeat the enemy and a chest plate that will measure any virtual hits you take. All of this is provided as part of the package and all you need to bring with you is a sense of fun and a pair of sensible shoes, you can’t navigate laser tripped corridors in heels!