Team building with our virtual reality experience in London

When you are managing a team, be it in an office or healthcare setting, you will want to ensure that productivity stays high and that morale does not falter.

In the past, this typically meant that your team would need to attend PowerPoint presentations on team building, which have been proven to be as effective as a chocolate kettle and, not to mention, very boring!

So how do you build cooperation within your team without death by PowerPoint?

At Navrtar, we can offer your team a virtual reality experience in London, which will not only be a fun undertaking but also ensure that once it is completed, your team will have a better sense of camaraderie, and you will be better placed to assess their suitability for the roles they are in.

But how exactly does attending a virtual reality experience in London build up team cooperation and allow you to assess suitability? Read on to find out.

Increase cooperation

Few workplaces around the UK require people to shoot at zombies or aliens. But, when you and your team attend a virtual reality experience in London, that is the majority of what will be occurring in the form of games.

In order for your team to survive, they will have to cooperate and follow instructions. While this may not seem significant in the workplace, it will enhance cooperation and may also lead to a friendlier workplace overall.

Assess leadership potential

Undertaking a zombie hoard may also highlight areas of leadership potential that you have not seen in the workplace due to the rather strict hierarchy.

Perhaps somebody who is on a lower rank shows great leadership potential when faced with a virtual threat that, due to the rigid nature of their workplace role, you have not been able to see. Perhaps it is time for a promotion?

Strengthen camaraderie

As mentioned earlier, a key benefit of having your team attend one of our virtual reality days at Navrtar is that they will have a good time and you can determine which people can work together effectively and which ones cannot.

Following the pandemic of 2020, productivity is very important in a workplace, particularly in healthcare settings, so this can be a great way for your team to blow off stress while also building those all-important bonds that keep the workplace running smoothly.

Assess hierarchical issues

If your business team is divided amongst many supervisors, you may be confused as to why one team is doing so poorly when another team is doing so well.

And as you cannot hover over your teams during the standard day, this experience can offer you some insight; is the poorly performing team doing so because their leader gives unclear instructions during the game? Is there a personality clash that is resolved when you switch the teams around?

Either way, a virtual reality day can allow you to assess potential issues with hierarchy within the workplace.

For more information on how one of our virtual reality days can help your team, please contact us for more information at Navrtar today.