Taking notes from the military for a virtual reality experience in London

If you think that all virtual reality is good for is gaming, then you’ve got another think coming; the military uses VR to train their soldiers in real battlefield scenarios without the risk of death or injury, to properly prepare them for the real fights they will face. This interactive process allows soldiers to get a feel for what battle is really like, so that they can mentally prepare for future deployments by using the same technology and concepts we use for our virtual reality experience in London at Navrtar. But instead of real battles we go one step further and throw you into a science fiction or post-apocalyptic world.

Who is it good for?

In recent years the British army has used VR to recruit soldiers in the 18-21 year age groups as the technology is something these recruits are familiar and comfortable with, it is also very appealing to these young men and sells them into the idea of joining very easily, but it has the ability to reach anyone and everyone, not only boys and gamers. The virtual reality experience in London is open to hardcore gamers and complete noobs alike (if you don’t know what noob means then you’re good, you fit into the category perfectly), it is easy enough to pick up the gameplay and with a tutorial and walk-through offered to each group before the main game, you are bound to get the hang of it quickly in order to be a vital part of your team’s survival.

This experience is great for birthday parties, as there is not only the opportunity to have an epic game, but a few rounds of drinks at our fully stocked bar will keep you jovial throughout the session. It has also been used for office parties and team building to help get colleagues to know and trust one another and bring about healthy competition among the workforce. Stag and hen parties alike have enjoyed a night of games and drinks keeping the fun innocent and the laughter real.

The differences

While the use of VR in the military is to simulate real and imposing environments without the risk of life or death mistakes, our virtual reality experience in London simulates scenes of off-world and alien landscapes, zombie apocalypses and the like, to give you a chance at real subversive gameplay. We like to give you something new and completely different to experience, to take you out of the real world and provide you with such a sense of adventure that you may almost be convinced it’s real. While there is a definite sense of seriousness when used in the military, in gameplay there is a definite sense of fun, combine that with a drink or two with your mates and you really have something! This is more than just a night out at the pub and it is taking the social world to the next level, bringing the future of social interactions ever closer as we step into the post-pandemic world.