Plan an exciting and innovative day with Navrtar in London

If you are thinking of planning a memorable day with your friends or family, maybe you have a birthday to organise or a long overdue reunion, or even if you are planning a corporate event, then you should consider a virtual reality experience in London.

Navrtar is the first free roam virtual reality and bar venue in the UK and is conveniently located in Ealing. Meaning you can visit us from any part of the UK for a highly exciting, immersive and innovative virtual reality experience in London, which you cannot get anywhere else in the country.

Virtual reality at its best

If you are new to virtual reality then Navrtar is the perfect place for you to find out what virtual reality is all about, and if you are an avid gamer then our highly advanced virtual reality experience will also be an amazing event for you and your team.

By visiting our website you will be able to find out more about Navrtar and what we have to offer. Our online booking system is highly convenient and simple to use. You can choose your date and time, and book tickets for up to 20 people. If you would like to book a larger party then you can speak to our friendly and professional team who will help organise your day for you. This ensures that your event is seamless from beginning to end and you can enjoy the experience to its full potential. Our booking system allows you to choose which game you want to play with your team or you may decide to choose the no preference option and make a decision on the day. Our team of Navrtars will be able to help you decide which game will be most suitable for you and your party. Each game is played in groups of 5 and we will help you sort out your teams accordingly.

What will happen when you reach Navrtar

When you arrive at Navrtar here in Ealing, our team will be ready to welcome you and carry out the check in process quickly and discreetly, so that you can enjoy your time with us from the outset. We have a wonderful seating area and bar upon arrival where you can relax with a drink and play pool whilst you are waiting for all your team members to arrive. If you are in a large group then this recreation area is ideal for when other members of your team may be busy in play and you are either waiting for your turn or have finished your game.

The virtual reality experience in London begins with a demonstration made up of three parts. These are an enjoyable part of the experience and introduce you to virtual reality. The demonstration takes approximately 30 minutes and then you have over 20 minutes of uninterrupted gameplay of one of the four games that we currently have to offer here at Navrtar. Speak to one of our team or visit our website to book your virtual reality experience in London today.