Our virtual reality experience in London at Navrtar; why is it fun?

New to the world of days out and growing in popularity is virtual reality.

Based on things such as alien invasions to survival scenarios, more and more people are looking to engage in these simulated environments, which provide a unique experience and a fun day out!

At Navrtar, we are proud of our virtual reality experience in London and are always happy to welcome those new to the world of VR gaming to come along and take part in what we can offer.

Here, we look briefly at some of the key advantages of attending our famous virtual reality experience in London, so you can decide whether it is right for your next family day out. Enjoy!

New experiences

It is fair to say that when the average person walks down the street on their way to work, they do not experience zombies chasing after them!

With the rise in popularity in the zombie genre, more people are wanting to experience this kind of scenario first hand, and without spending a fortune on hiring zombie actors and a set, this is unlikely to occur.

But, at our virtual reality experience in London, we can offer you just that! We can provide you with games surrounding zombie apocalypse scenarios, alien invasions and defending a town against cartoon invaders (for the kids!).

This will provide you and your friends with an experience unlike any other, all while staying safe and saving money. Great!

Lower risks!

Most people in 2021 have heard of the ever-popular day out activity of paintball.

It offers the chance to run around, defend your team against another team and use a nifty toy gun while having a simulated real-world experience of being a soldier, marine or another member of the armed forces.

But paintball does not come without risks; you can fall over, get severe bruises from being shot, and of course, it is limited as to who can engage in it based on where it is set.

With virtual reality, you can engage in safe gaming whether you are in a wheelchair or 80 years old all without having to worry about bruising and injury. At Navrtar, we offer free-roaming experiences, which means you will be able to move around during the gaming, so there is a risk of falling over but compared to engaging in paintball in wooded areas with trees and rocks, this risk is minimal.

However, some things need to be cleared with a doctor before you attend a VR experience; if you have epilepsy, for example, you will need to discuss this with our team before booking, as we cannot guarantee that we can let you play based on the game chosen.

Lower physical contact

In years gone by, this would have been seen as a very bad thing. After all, who wants to engage in an activity that lowers your contact with other people?

But, in the age of COVID-19, virtual reality days can provide you with a fun way to engage with other people without actually touching them, keeping you and your family safe.

In line with COVID 19 government regulations, all of our equipment at Navrtar is sterilised, including the headsets, so you won't have to worry about contamination or COVID-19 risks being higher when you come to us to play.