Our virtual reality experience group package

If you are looking for a virtual reality experience in London that will cater for a larger number of people, then one of our group packages could be perfect for you! We offer many benefits for you to enjoy when you get a group package from us, and you are guaranteed to have a memorable time!


When you and your group arrive at Navrtar for your virtual reality experience in London, we will go through a demo with you. When you have a group package, you will have unlimited access to the demo area, meaning you can really get comfortable with how VR works. We have VR mini-games such as walking a plank, which will really give you an idea of how immersive the experience is.

What to expect

Our virtual reality experience in London is great if you are looking for a team building exercise for you and your colleagues, or if you simply want to have fun with your family and friends. Our group packages are adapted for 20-55 players. This is ideal if you are looking to bring your work colleagues along or your extended family for example.

You will be split up into groups of 5 and each group will take their turn to try and defeat the enemy, you will be equipped with VR goggles, a backpack and a gun. Whilst you are waiting or when you are done you can sit in our viewing area and watch your friends from your group run around playing the VR game whilst you have some food and drink, which should provide plenty of amusement and laughter!

Within the group package, we offer an exciting tournament where you can go against the other people in your group to see who gets the highest score. This adds even more intensity when playing the experience, and offers prizes for the best too!

The food and drink package is optional, but we definitely recommend it. It means that once you are done with the VR experience, you will be able to hang out in our bar area and have some drinks, grab some food and play table games such as pool.

The experiences

Once you have completed your demo and are ready to dive into the main event, we have three different experiences for you and your group to choose from, each one being fast-paced and plenty of fun!


Our first experience is based on you and your group fighting against waves of zombies and surviving the apocalypse. This is a great mix of entertainment and heart-racing action, which feels very real!

Overrun 2

This is a revamped version of the original Overrun, offering even more waves of zombies that are stronger than ever! The feeling of actually being in a zombie apocalypse really gets your heart going!

Strike Team Delta

This experience involves you and your group members becoming marines and embarking on a mission to defend the planet against a brutal alien invasion. This includes scouring crash sites, searching and securing intelligence, and saving the world from the deadly invasion!