Need to motivate your team? Advantages of our virtual reality experience from Navrtar

As a supervisor or employer, it is going to be tough to keep your team motivated following the return to work after the pandemic. Is there a straightforward solution to this issue?

At Navrtar, we know that you want to make your workplace a productive area again. And while it may sound weird, booking our virtual reality experience in London may be able to do just that and more.

Why should you book a virtual reality experience in London for your team? Read on to find out!

Identifies new leaders

Any virtual reality experience in London removes the hierarchy of the workplace and allows people to play more in their comfort zones.

And many employers and supervisors have been pleasantly surprised to report that it is often more reserved members of their teams that step up to the plate (so to speak) when it comes to playing in virtual environments.

Who knows? Maybe this will highlight skills in a team member that you never previously noticed that could be more useful in the office?

Builds comradeship

The last year has been tough for businesses, especially if your team has had to move from a literal office setting to all working from home and attending virtual meetings.

And so, many teams have come under strain and if you have had to conduct a recruitment drive while under COVID restrictions, there may be a lack of comradery in the office.

How can fighting virtual zombies build this?

Well, your staff will be able to interact in a fun setting, form plans and fight against a virtual enemy together. Seems very team building to us - and it has helped to build bonds with colleagues in the past!

Problem solving becomes fun

Problem solving in the office is rarely fun, but problem solving in a VR environment adds to the thrill of the task and game, while helping your team to flex their creative muscles.

While we are not guaranteeing that the shooting of virtual zombies or aliens will be a transferable skill to the workplace, we can promise it will help your team to approach many problems in a different way.

Work becomes fun

Associating work with fun is not a new idea and it can really drive up morale in a team that is struggling; after last year, almost every business is finding it hard to stay motivated!

So, book the experience and let's make your workplace enjoyable again!

Bosses are people too!

And finally, this experience will help your team to see you as, well, a person!

Giving out orders in the workplace is part of your job as a supervisor or employer, but once that suit comes off, you are just a person too!

And these VR experiences will help your team to see you in a different light. You are an awesome person for booking the activity in the first place, but now, you are more approachable too and we can assure you that workplace productivity is likely to improve as a result. Great stuff!