Navrtar for a thrilling and immersive virtual reality experience in London

If, like everyone else, you have had a quiet year due to the pandemic and are looking for an exhilarating and exciting day out to share with your friends or family then speak to us at Navrtar today and find out about the best virtual reality experience in London.

Located conveniently here in London’s Ealing, we are the first free roam virtual reality and bar experience in the UK. With excellent transport links including bus, National Rail, the London Underground and Crossrail, we are easy to reach wherever in the UK you may be coming from. If you are bringing your car then there is a 500 space car park within a very short walking distance for which we can provide 20% off for our clients.

Here at Navrtar we are proud to announce that our graphics are of the highest quality and our games are exceptionally thrilling and immersive, creating an unforgettable virtual reality experience in London which you will be unable to get anywhere else in the UK. Check out our amazing reviews online to find out more about our excellent customer service skills and the fantastic quality of our games, highly recommended by all our clients who visit us.

Book your tickets today

You may be new to virtual reality or you may be an experienced gamer, our virtual reality experience in London will be an amazing day out for you, so plan your experience with our easy to navigate online booking system today for excellent prices, ease and convenience for you and your group. Our dynamic pricing approach means that you can book your tickets early for better value. You will receive a confirmation email and you'll be reminded to bring in the card with which you make the payment on the day, for identification purposes.

You can create an online booking for up to 20 people or if you are looking for a group booking then you can speak to our friendly Navrtars, to plan a special day for you and your team. You are able to choose which game you would like to play in advance or you may wish to decide once you reach us.

Games at Navrtar

The graphic nature of the virtual reality experience in London, here at Navrtar, means that we have an age restriction and unfortunately our games are unsuitable for children under 10. Those who are under 18 have to be supervised by an adult. Currently we have 4 amazing games including Strike team Delta, Overrun, Overrun stage 2 and Toon Strike. Toon Strike is our latest experience and is tailored for children, teenagers and families, therefore suitable for all. Our other exciting games are based around zombie invasion and apocalypse, therefore providing a terrifying yet highly enjoyable experience at the same time. If you do suffer from any underlying health conditions then please feel free to call our friendly and professional team to find out whether the games are suitable for you. Unfortunately we are not yet wheelchair friendly, but we hope that this will change in the future.