Navrtar: an unforgettable virtual reality experience in London

Have you been considering going on a virtual reality experience for a fun day out? We are proud to say that here at Navrtar, we believe we offer the best virtual reality experience in London. Navrtar set out to create a virtual reality experience in London that we knew nobody else could better, it had to be unique and bring something to the table that no one had ever seen or done before. We believe we have accomplished what we sat out to.

We turned to the latest in computer technology to find ways to allow people to interact with virtual reality games that they may never have come across, after all, we are aware of what is currently for sale on the market in the way of home virtual reality gaming systems and we wanted to be able to do more.

So, first came space. We wanted enough space to create an area where groups of up to five people could move around without feeling cramped or bumping into each other. For this reason, we went with a 2000 square foot gaming area, which would give enough room to create the feeling of being able to roam around when in virtual space.

Next came the equipment. We knew we needed to find gameplay equipment that was not only first-class but also offered customers coming to play something they have never seen or experienced before. With our headsets, backpacks, and virtual guns we believe our equipment can give our customers the best virtual reality experience in London.

Now for the games. We wanted a good and exciting variety of different games that created situations that many dream of being in. Everyone at some point or another may have wished that they could be in some position that leads them to be the saviour or hero. We also wanted some of the games to be action-based and filled with the high energy thrills many gamers seek, while others would be for those who want to test their brain power by puzzle solving.

With Overrun, we created a high-powered action game. Here teams of up to five people must fight back the oncoming zombie apocalypse to survive. They come at you in waves, so no one zombie at a time here, and from all angles. This is a bloodthirsty game in all respects, but will it be your blood or zombie blood that spills.

Finally, we have The Heist. In this game, you will need brains over brawn. There has been a bank robbery and you play the part of a detective. You must follow the clues to solve this crime game, but be careful - it may be harder than you think.

So, now it is up to you to decide how good we are, we think we are the best and we want to prove it to you. Get in touch with us at Navrtar, as we are more than happy to answer any questions you might have before we take your booking.