Myths about our virtual reality experience in London debunked

Do you think attending a virtual reality day is childish? Or that it will be too expensive?

At Navrtar, we are proud to offer our virtual reality experience in London at a competitive price, ensuring that you and your team will have fun and come away with some great memories to boot!

In the following article, we explore some of the most common myths that surround VR and our virtual reality experience in London.

VR sessions are too pricey!

At the time of writing, our team can offer a very reasonable price on our virtual reality experience in London.

If you have children, we currently offer kids’ party packages, which you may find to be at a very reasonable price. The costs of your experience will vary based on how many people are attending, how many games you are engaging in and whether you are purchasing extras from us, such as food and refreshment.

To get a better estimate of how much your VR experience will cost, feel free to call our team.

VR is just for kids

It isn’t!

We have many adults and teenagers attend our gaming sessions, and they aren’t all gamers or thrill-seekers!

Many companies offer their staff such experiences to assess compatibility and leadership potential. This is a great way for teams to de-stress, build memories and learn to work together. And, of course, if you are an adult who is simply looking to try the newest VR experience, then we can cater to you too!

VR headsets make you ill

You may have read online that the VR headset used by our team and other companies that offer VR experiences will make you ill.

This is based on the idea surrounding motion sickness; your eyes think you are moving in a simulated environment, but you are standing still, which can lead to nausea.

If you suffer from travel sickness, it may be wise to discuss your suitability for VR with your doctor. But overall, the wearing of a VR headset will not make you ill.

VR is antisocial

Not at all!

At Navrtar, we only offer group packages, and the basis of the games we offer enhance social skills and communication. In fact, being in a simulated environment has been shown to have many advantages in building relationships and social skills.

VR has no real-world applications

Few people can indeed see the real-world application of shooting a hoard of zombies or alien invaders.

But, in actuality, the skills that are needed to succeed in these games have some very real-world benefits, particularly in the workplace.

Firstly, the leader of the group will need to give clear and concise instructions to their team, which they will then need to follow; this builds hierarchy and, outside of the workplace, may not follow the norms – you may be able to boss around your supervisor!

Also, there is team-building that comes into play when facing a common enemy, which allows people to experience bonding that can be applied to the workplace, making it a friendlier and happier environment to work in.

And finally, it's fun! In times of stress, having fun is a great way to boost mood and build memories.