Myths about our virtual reality experience debunked

Have you heard that wearing a VR headset can make you feel sick?

At Navrtar, we know everything about virtual reality and can separate the myths from the truth to help you decide whether attending a virtual reality experience in London with us is the best way to spend a day with friends.

Here, we debunk myths that surround our virtual reality experience in London.

Myth 1 - Virtual reality is brand new

Virtual reality and immersion gaming date back to 1966 when the prototype was built, with all the components of a modern VR headset.

But, with the graphics, noise effects and other aspects that are included in the virtual reality experience in London with Navrtar, we can see why you could assume the technology is brand new!

Myth 2 - It will make you feel sick

There are some cases where the wearing of a VR headset can make certain people feel sick, but this tends to occur more in people who suffer from issues such as travel sickness or vertigo.

It is due in part to their brain processing movement but the lack of movement in their muscles, which can be worsened in standing or sitting VR gaming.

So, whilst it is not a total myth, it is not accurate in all cases either.

Myth 3 - Virtual reality is just for gaming

When you attend a day with Navrtar, yes, the entire experience is going to revolve around gaming and having fun.

But there are many other things that VR can offer too, such as the ability to train staff, put people into situations that could be hard or expensive to replicate in real life.

At Navrtar, our games can offer you the opportunity to build skills that can be useful in work settings and build up team comradery, making the workplace more efficient without spending hours in meetings or board rooms.

So, whilst we do specialise in gaming, VR also offers many additional real-world benefits.

Myth 4 - Virtual reality discourages exercise

This is an idea that has surrounded the gaming industry for years, but in actuality, VR gaming promotes exercise, especially when you come to Navrtar.

However, the lack of movement in some VR experiences makes them more adaptable for people who may be excluded from other types of activities, such as paintball and laser tag. If you want someone who is in a wheelchair to attend a VR day with our team at Navrtar, there is nothing to prevent this from happening.

It can also be beneficial concerning health and safety; if you are not moving around, there is less chance of you getting physically injured whilst playing.

With games that we offer such as Overrun and Overrun 2, you may be surprised at how fast you will need to move to get away from those zombies!

Myth 5 - Virtual reality headsets can make you ill if worn for too long

No evidence states that extensive wearing of a VR headset can make you ill.

However, as we are aware of how taxing engaging in a VR experience can be, our gaming sessions last around 30 minutes, with a 30-minute demo beforehand.

But if you suffer from a medical condition such as epilepsy, vertigo, depression or anxiety or have had a stroke or a heart condition, it may be unwise to use a VR headset.