Introducing our virtual reality experience in London

Located in the thriving city of London, here at Navrtar we offer our guests a bespoke virtual gaming experience which now includes private bookings (which are free of any additional charges!) At Navrtar, we are proud to be the United Kingdom’s first free roaming virtual reality and bar experience, to ensure our guests have a unique gaming adventure within the walls of our facility!

So... What makes our virtual reality experience in London unique?

At our virtual reality experience in London we not only offer a free introduction to our virtual reality demonstration, however we also offer our guests a fully stocked bar which can make the gaming experience even more fun! In addition, we also offer table games ranging from an easy level, to extremely challenging, therefore able to suit every member of your team.

The table games available at our virtual reality experience in London

Within our sixty minute demonstration experience we offer our guests a thirty minute taster of what our virtual reality is really like! This therefore not only allows our gamers to get familiar with the concept, however it also allows them to familiarise themselves with the next generation of entertainment! Lastly, it also gives our players an insight of the exciting games to follow.

Are you ready for “overrun”?

Overrun was previously known as ‘zombie apocalypse’ here at Navrtar, however our games have had an upgrade! Within this thrilling game you and your team will have to work together collaboratively to survive the ever increasing waves of zombies.

Is ‘overrun’ the right game for you?

At our virtual reality experience in London we understand that we offer a wide variety of gaming choices, with this variety in mind therefore many of our gamers may find it hard to find the right option for them. We believe overrun is the perfect game for players who wish for a cocktail of entertainment, in addition to heart racing action with zombies who are relentless - they will stop for no one!

What is ‘strike team delta’?

‘Strike team delta’ was previously known at our gaming facility as ‘alien defence’. Within this heart pulsing game, which it’s essentially aliens versus the human race, you and your players will embark on a special mission to protect our world from a huge alien invasion. Players will have to scour crash sites, in addition to searching and securing important intel which is needed to prevent this alien takeover.

Do your gaming modes range in their difficulty?

Yes! We understand that many of our guests may be experienced gamers, however many individuals may never have experienced virtual reality before. With this diverse ability in mind therefore, we offer medium modes, in addition to easy levels, and even difficult settings for those who are avid gamers at home.

Looking for something more challenging?

If the answer is yes then “the heist” could be the right experience for you! Within this game the player is the police which is present at a live bank robbery, whilst being equipped with all the necessary tools, such as guns, scanners, and even torches! Within this difficult game players must solve, survive and save lives! This escape room requires more problem-solving than action, with a minimum of three players this game isn’t lacking in challenge, or fun!