How our virtual reality experience in London differs from at-home options

Unsure whether you want an at-home VR set? How would playing in a VR arena differ?

At Navrtar, our virtual reality experience in London is popular with fans of virtual reality and those new to it alike, so we can assure you that when you come to us, you are set for a great day out!

Here, we discuss how attending our virtual reality experience in London will differ from using an at-home VR set, so enjoy!

Expert help

It's happened to the best of us: we order a new device or toy online only to find that the instructions are missing or written in a different language. Or worse, the device simply doesn’t work!

When you want to play with VR headsets as a starting point or experience VR in general, you should attend our virtual reality experience in London. Our trained team can show you how to use the equipment and change it if it is faulty, so you will get the longest time possible engaging with your friends and family in the simulated environment.

Better graphics

The graphics in our VR games are intense; in fact, many of our former patrons have commented on the colour schemes and how realistic they look when compared to other forms of VR.

And that's one of the many things we pride ourselves on! At Navrtar, we use the most realistic graphics to provide you with an experience that you simply wouldn’t get from an at-home set, allowing you to experience whichever scenario you want to engage in fully.

Better immersion

Virtual reality has come a long way over the last few years, and while even the most affordable at-home headset can offer an immense, immersive experience, it can be somewhat limited.

When you come along to one of our arenas, the technology that has gone into our headset and controllers, along with our arena itself, allows you to be fully immersed in whichever experience you want to engage in.

And, of course, we will teach you how to use the equipment so that you can become better immersed in the experience and have a more rewarding time while playing.


Who doesn't like medals?

When you come along to our arena in either London or Amsterdam, you have the option to either win plastic medals or have metal-based ones made for your team.

How cool is that? And if you get the highest score, you and your team will be immortalised on our score charts.

More fun!

Let's be honest, when you have friends over to your house to engage in virtual reality, it is likely that you only have a couple of headsets to play with.

But while that's great, if you want to battle zombies with a bigger group of friends, this is likely only going to be achieved if you come along to an arena with enough headsets and equipment to oversee a larger team.

And, of course, more people in the world of battling zombies or aliens equates to more fun!

At Navrtar, we can offer VR headsets to up to 5 people per slot, which includes an immersive environment, a realistic scenario and more engagement all rolled into one! Oh, and you won’t have to worry about breaking furniture in your own home as you flee from the zombies or aliens!