How our virtual reality experience goes beyond the spectator experience

At Navrtar we offer the next level in gaming entertainment – a fully immersive, free-roam arcade-based virtual reality experience in London. Experience the real world quality of battling out extra-terrestrial enemies in a make-believe apocalyptic world. Unlike traditional platforms of VR gaming our virtual reality experience in London literally puts players (yes we accommodate multiple players in a game) at the centre of the action. No more imagining you are there, you really are, moving about with your body in true hero form. This is one of the widely celebrated benefits of the full-body immersive experience that can be had at our virtual reality experience in London.

How does what we offer differ from remote-control restricted VR gaming? Read on to find out the numerous advantages of the free-roam virtual reality gaming experience.

The multiple rewards of free-roam, arcade-based VR gaming

Escape the restrictions of staring at a screen

It really is awe-inspiring what state-of-the-art VR technology and software can do to challenge the restrictions of traditional formats of VR games. Putting on a headset at a VR gaming arcade transports players into a surreal world they can explore with their physical bodies. It is only during such an experience that they can pick up a life-size rifle and shoot at other-worldly enemies in a life-like apocalyptic setting.

Anyone can play

One of the best parts of VR gaming is that you do not need to have the skills of a seasoned gamer to participate. We have VR games that are suitable for varying levels of skills. All players need to bring with them is their competitive side and we will provide the rest. Our multiplayer games can accommodate groups of up to five players, making it ideal for friends, families and corporate teams.

The fun way to burn off calories

Here is another benefit that gets the thumbs up from health advocates. The free-roam VR gaming experience is far different from armchair gaming, manipulating remote controls or the keyboard attached to a monitor. The free-roam experience allows players to exercise their physical bodies with physical movements, be it running around and dodging zombies or lifting weapons and firing.

Overcoming personal challenges

More and more are discovering the wondrous effects of immersive VR on learning and training. These benefits work well on a personal level as they do in the professional and academic environments. Our introductory games are so designed as to also help players overcome their phobias in the safety net that is the simulated world. Through real world experiences that involve the senses, players can build their confidence and subdue their fear of heights, water, aliens, and a lot more!

Relief stress

While there are other entertainment platforms that offer the viewer the benefits of escapism, the fully immersive VR gaming experience allows you to physically enter a virtual world, effectively shutting out the real world along with all its stress triggers.

Would you like to experience a place unlikely to be found in the real world? Step into the world of free-roam virtual reality gaming available at Navrtar.