How does our virtual reality experience work?

You may have never used VR before, and you might be wondering what it is and how we use it in our experiences here at Navrtar. Our team is so excited to be sharing this exciting technology with you, and introducing you to the world of VR. We have created an action-packed experience using VR technology, and believe it holds a place in the future of gaming.

What is VR?

VR stands for virtual reality, which is a 3D computer-based game or world that can be as close or as far away from reality as possible. You experience this by wearing things such as VR helmets and headsets, which have sound and a screen inside so all of your view and focus is on the game. VR goggles like ours will respond to which way you look, which makes everything feel a lot more real.

People use VR for a lot of things, you can take virtual trips around the world with the use of VR, and go sightseeing without actually being there. Or, like we have at Navrtar, you can use VR for gaming, which is when it can get really exciting. We have based our business on creating a virtual reality experience in London that can give people a really good feel for the world of VR.

What experiences do we offer?

We have three options for you to choose from for your virtual reality experience in London. All of them are action-packed and will guarantee to get your heart racing! Our first option is Strike Team Delta, which will throw you and your group into an alien invasion, and it will be your job to defend the planet! You will act as marines, scouring crash sites and getting intel to help protect the human race. The second option is called Overrun, which involves you and your group fighting against waves of zombies, and trying to survive the apocalypse! Our final experience is a revamped version of Overrun, with even more zombies who are stronger than ever before, and more levels for you and your group to enjoy.

What makes us different?

As well as our virtual reality experience in London, we also have an exciting bar area for you and your group to enjoy. We are the first place in the UK to offer a mix of the VR and bar experience, and it contributes even more to the memories of the day. You can enjoy some drinks and snacks with your group for as long as you want after you have had your VR experience, whilst also playing table games such as pool. We even have a quiz machine for you

to pit your wits against!

Group packages

If you are arranging a day out with a large group of people, we can offer you a slightly different experience from usual. You can bring up to 55 people in your group at once, with 5 people playing at each time. You will have unlimited access to the demo area, meaning you can have a go at some of our mini-games such as walking a plank. This will show you how real VR can feel! And of course, you can hang out in our bar area afterwards with a wide choice of food, drinks and table games.