Health conditions and our virtual reality experience

When it comes to having fun days out, safety is key for everyone.

And, whilst you may associate an extensive health and safety debriefing with activities such as paintball or laser tag, it is also important when you are using virtual reality.

At Navrtar, we take the health and safety of our patrons very seriously, and when you come to play at a virtual reality experience in London, we will make sure that you and everyone in your party are safe to engage with the VR headsets. That way, you can have safe fun without injuring yourself or worsening an underlying health condition.

But what are some of the most common potential health risks when it comes to playing our virtual reality experience in London? Read on to find out!


When it comes to engaging with any virtual reality experience in London, one of the key issues that can arise from using the headset is the risk of an epileptic seizure.

It is estimated that around 1 in 4000 people suffers from some kind of seizure when exposed to flashing lights or patterns, which can be more intense if it is occurring when you are wearing a VR headset. Research also indicates that these patterns are more common in young adults (under the age of 20) and children.

If you have had blackouts in the past, have a history of photosensitive epilepsy or have concerns that a child who would be attending the Navrtar arena with you does, then please contact our team and your general practitioner for more advice.


Defined as feeling dizzy and having issues with balance whilst also feeling nauseated, vertigo can be a challenge when taking part in sitting or standing VR experiences.

This is because the objects and environment that you are engaging with are not real and therefore you cannot lean on any part of it for balance or stability. Also, as you are perceived to be moving but your body is remaining still, your brain can become confused and thus heighten the intensity of vertigo with motion sickness symptoms.

If you suffer from vertigo, please talk to our team and your doctor for advice on suitability for engaging in a VR experience.


Migraines can be triggered by exposure to bright lights and loud noises, or certain sounds that have a specific pitch.

And, during your VR gaming session with us, many of the experiences that we offer contain these elements. So, if you have a history of migraines or cluster headaches when exposed to loud sounds, pitches or changing light settings, please talk to your doctor before booking your experience with us.


There is no real research indicating a danger of engaging in VR whilst pregnant but, as mentioned earlier, these experiences have been known to cause feelings of sickness, migraines and nausea in certain people. So, if you are pregnant, your chances of developing these issues may increase. So for your safety, please seek advice from a doctor if you are pregnant and want to engage in a VR day at Navrtar.

For more information about health and safety and engaging with virtual reality headsets or other equipment, please contact our team at Navrtar and your general practitioner.