Have you had your virtual reality experience in London yet?

A whole new world of entertainment has evolved and you can enjoy a virtual reality experience in London that will stimulate and excite your mind. In the nineteen eighties, virtual reality was an experiment that had yet to gain any traction. Fast forward to the twenty-first century and this technology has evolved dramatically beyond just entertainment. Sport has embraced the technology to enhance training and of course the most recent applications are those being used in smart driverless cars. Entertainment has been developing this technology at an amazing pace and you can now choose a variety of ways to immerse yourself in a virtual reality experience in London.

No longer a solitary experience

At Navrtar you and up to five friends or family can enjoy a collaborative virtual reality experience in London in our free roaming VR arcade, a party like no other as you all experience twenty first century entertainment at its very best. Together you can prevent a bank robbery, destroy an alien invasion from outer space or even keep body and soul together against a zombie infestation. Once you have all come back down to earth you can sit at our bar and enjoy a drink and a snack, compare your scores, and even perhaps get the loser to pay!

Total escapism

The term total escapism used to be used to describe a good book or a movie where you became totally immersed in the story. Virtual reality goes that one step further and you become a player in the story. You are no longer sitting looking in from the outside, you are actively participating in the story and you are able to contribute to or influence the outcome.

Life’s adventures

Modern technology is still evolving and will do, way into the future. The beauty with virtual reality is that like the movies we can immerse ourselves in the adventure of the move or the experience. Virtual reality allows us to safely experience what would normally be considered dangerous adventures, without exposing ourselves to danger. Going back in time or going forward in time was considered impossible until now. We are able to experience times gone by and a perception of what the future will be like, more than ever before we are able to go beyond the boundaries of earth. We are fast becoming no longer bound by the realms of our imagination.

No longer restricted by our mind

How fortunate we all are to be growing up in the twenty-first century because we are able to enjoy the wonders of modern technology. Every century sees advancements that have amazed and astounded us and this century is no different, as we go above and beyond what we thought were our boundaries. Virtual reality is becoming the new normal for entertainment, we crave immersive entertainment and the reality programs on television have responded to that desire. Virtual reality has arrived just in time to take our immersive desires to the next level of entertainment.

Waiting for you

Your opportunity is waiting for you at Navrtar, come on over and have your virtual reality experience here in London. Bring your friends, why not make it a virtual reality party, for real!